First Deputy Attorney General to Take Over for Kane

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HARRISBURG -- Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced her resignation Tuesday afternoon following her conviction on several charges, including perjury. After she steps down Wednesday, Bruce Castor, the First Deputy Attorney General, will take over the office.

Castor was appointed to the post of Solicitor General by Kathleen Kane earlier this year. Under commonwealth law, the Solicitor General is the successor to the Attorney General.

"I don't know that anybody's prepared to assume a job of this nature," said Castor.

Bruce Castor's preparation comes from making the legal decisions for the state Attorney General's office since March when Kane appointed him to the role.

Castor knew he would be the acting Attorney General after she told him she was resigning, a decision he said needed to be made.

"Once the jury has spoken, it becomes very difficult for any law enforcement officer to have credibility with even the appeal of a criminal conviction of a serious nature."

Castor, who is also the First Deputy Attorney General, has tough decisions of his own.

Among his decisions is what to do about some of Kane's appointments, including one agent supervisor being sued for harassment.

Another is Pat Reese, who is appealing his conviction and sentence for helping Kane snoop on office workers.

Despite those issues, Castor says the office is functioning well, stating that Kane was an effective attorney general.

"She has a capable, analytical mind, and is not at all how I've seen her portrayed. If there is a Mr. Hyde to her Dr. Jekyl, I have not seen it."

The question is, how long will Castor serve? He could finish out Kathleen Kane's term, which lasts until January when a new attorney general takes office, or Governor Wolf could also appoint an acting attorney general.

There has been no word from the governor's office on any plans.


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