Police: $700 in Disposable Razors Stolen from Wal-Mart

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- Police are searching for two people accused of stealing more than $700 in disposable men's razors last month from a Wal-Mart in Carbon County.

Surveillance video shows the alleged thieves at the store on Blakeslee Boulevard near Lehighton during the early morning hours of July 31.

The couple is shown leaving the store's parking lot in a red car.


  • LuE G

    Hope they get taught a lesson not a slap on the wrist this ain’t no 15 dollar theft. Get jobs and buy your things like the rest of us, theiving losers!

    • LuE G

      Not to mention to be that ballsy they’ve clearly done this many times before.. But oops now your caught.. Haha! I’m waiting for the mugshots

    • typical keyboard quarterback dope

      so you want the $8/hr security guy to risk injury pursuing the perp? You are a special kind of dope.

  • Crim Justice 101

    Razors are expensive.. Drug addicts steal them to sell them for drug money.. Same with baby formula which is why many places started locking these items up.. Hop on board, Wally World!

  • Prison Marm

    Should have taken the diet pills instead. Maybe next time. Hope they get away with this one so another chance.

    • E

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    • tax waste

      Question to E: Were you born a moron or did you just grow into one later on? You sound like a liberal democrat a hole

    • E

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    • Jay

      Please… give us another coal miner reference! You know, because they mined in this area for a period. The trolling and the “lol’s” reveal the age. The condescending tone reveals the character.

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