Hot Food, Hot Day

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PLYMOUTH -- Despite the heat advisory issued for several counties in our area, some big community events have people cooking and eating outside.

As temperatures hit the mid-90s at the Plymouth Kielbasa Festival in Luzerne County, many folks considered the question: when is it too hot to eat kielbasa?

“It is never too hot to eat kielbasa. One festival it was 107 degrees!” David Fetch of Fetch's Smokehouse said.

But despite Fetch's enthusiastic attitude, the hot humid weather did have some appetites melting away. Cooking in the heat is no picnic either.

“It's a nice crowd, but it's too hot. You just want to crawl into the cooler. It's too hot,” said Susan Boyarski.

The air heavy with humidity, a number of visitors found themselves doing more sipping than snacking.

“We are slow on eating, but we are drinking a lot of liquids at this point,” said Bill Pinkowski of Selinsgrove.

Enter kielbasa on ice. The chilled sausage snacks proved a pretty popular compromise.

“On a day like this, kielbasa is always better cold,” said Brian Keenan of Berwick.