Procession of Tow Trucks for Driver’s Funeral

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MONTDALE -- Hundreds gathered to pay respects Friday morning to a tow truck driver killed on the job earlier this week.

The tribute to David Duchnik, 29, started just after 10 a.m.

The funeral is in the Montdale area of Scott Township.

A procession of around 125 tow trucks showed up. Drivers came to pay their respects from across our area and from as far away as Virginia.

It's definitely a difficult day for those attending the funeral. Many are trying to grasp the death of Duchnik who was just 29 years old. He was from Scott Township, married for about a year, and he and his wife just finished building a new home.

Duchnik was severely injured last Friday morning while he and his father were responding to an earlier crash on Interstate 81 near Clarks Summit. That's when police say a tractor trailer ended up smashing into the crash scene, pinning Duchnik against his family's tow truck.

Duchnick's father pulled him from the wreckage. He died this weekend at a hospital. The crash is still under investigation.

One of the tow truck drivers who showed up for the procession shared what it means to him to be here for a colleague.

"Just to support the family. We go through this every day. Everyone is on 81, cars everywhere just flying by, not paying attention. Pay attention, get rid of the cellphones. If you see lights, get over. Don't ride next to us it's not a good thing," said Jade Brewer.

Duchnik will be buried Friday afternoon in the St. Mary's Cemetery Mausoleum in the Montdale area.


    • Supporter of America

      Very sad for the family especially for the dad to have to see such a thing. Seeing something when everyone gets to the hospital is bad enough but to actually there when it happens. Much sympathy to the family, as people I know say he was a good guy and just a good person. For those voting down, go back under your bridge or do us all a favor and ……

    • MMMMM

      For those of you that gave my comment thumbs down, thank you so very much. I hope it made you feel good! I wasn’t being sarcastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was being sincere!!!!!!!!!!!!! This story actually brought me to tears. I pray that in your life you never have to go through such a tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

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