Shooting Range Reopens after Renovations

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ARCHBALD -- A shooting range in Lackawanna County reopened this week after a renovation project that's kept it closed for most of the summer

So far, gun enthusiasts say the improvements at the place in Archbald make it safer and much more enjoyable.

She may look young but 8-year-old Cambria Guman already has three years of shooting experience. She practices with her dad. The family's visited the game commission shooting range in Archbald for at least 15 years.

The range has recently seen some major improvements.

"This wasn't here at all, this is all new, all the roofs. They had roofs down there, they just put this roof on here and they put the roofs on over at the pistol range. It just makes it great to bring everybody up here now," said Brandon Guman of Olyphant.

The range was closed for two months while a contractor added the shelter and a few other changes.

"Oh, the improvements are great!" said Jack Petherick of Archbald, "With my skin, I burn, so it's nice to be in the shade. And it's nice to be out of the rain if it's raining. You know, you can come up here and it's something to do."

"Actually, the last time i was here it was in the wintertime and we froze, but usually you bake in the summertime so this is nice," said Charles Grace of Scranton.

Crews also added concrete for shooters to stand on and fixed the access road to the range.

In order to use the shooting range, you have to have purchased either a state hunting license or a range permit. Many of the people who come up here have been paying those fees for decades and they're happy to see their money being put to good use.

"This is a safe area and we spend a lot of money on licenses, so we actually, I think, deserve a good shooting range and several of them so they are in proximity to your house," Petherick added.

"In the city, there's not many places in the city to shoot. Out in the country, if you have land in the country, you can go out," said Grace.

Shooters say the range had been untouched for at least a decade. The renovations will make a place where their families can continue to enjoy time together.

"I've had her up here since she was 5 years old. I think it's just great to have them up here, let them experience what I experienced growing up," said Guman.


    • GoBackWhereYouCameFrom

      “Where is freedom”? Funny name.
      Freedom was never FREE. Freedom has a high cost.
      Your post tells me you are more of a sponge than someone who pays their fair share. Let someone else carry the load.
      Buy a hunting license or range permit and support the public ranges cheapskate.

      • Sam

        So he’s a cheapskate because he likes to shoot at targets and doesn’t hunt.
        The game commission doesn’t need his money to shoot at a range.

      • GoBackWhereYouCameFrom

        Yes Sam, Cheapskate. Or sponge if you prefer.
        It costs money to maintain these ranges. Money paid by hunters and shooters who purchase a permit/hunting license. Money well spent if you don’t own land or belong to a private club. Evidently you could afford the firearm and ammunition, buy the permit and support your sport.
        Cheapskates, or another term is FSA. Free S–t Army.

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