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Scranton Police: Rash Of Break-Ins At Businesses Overnight

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SCRANTON - Scranton police are investigating several reported break-ins at businesses that happened overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

In one case, the thief or thieves made off with money and merchandise but in the others, police say they left empty-handed.

A surveillance video captured at 1:14 a.m. Thursday shows a fast moving thief breaking into Castaldi`s Market on Birney Avenue in South Scranton.

The burglar breaks in from a side door then quickly rummages through the cash register and other drawers. He flees once the alarm is triggered.

Joe Castaldi says the thief took off with $30 and some cigarettes from his family`s store.

“It`s a violation definitely. It`s, I don`t know what to say,” said Castaldi. “It`s heartbreaking. my father works hard every single day, that`s it.”

And Scranton police say this was just one of five break-ins in the city overnight.

There were break-ins at La Trattoria on Moosic Street.

Another at Green Frog and Granteed`s Pizza on Mulberry Street in the Hill Section and another at McGinty’s Bar in North Scranton.

At those businesses no money was left in the cash registers and the thief or thieves left empty-handed.

At Normandie Bar on Capouse Avenue, police say there was an attempted break-in; employees said someone tried to kick in the door unsuccessfully.

“My boss said they tried to get in the deadbolt with something and they bent it all up but they weren`t able to get in,” said bartender Sue McGurrin. “The cops said we had a very good deadbolt.”

Police have not said if it`s the same people doing this.

The victims just want them caught.

“Yeah, if they recognize them please call the Scranton Police Department,” said Castaldi.

“I`m here 27 years, I`ve never had a problem, it`s a whole different scene since when I started,” said McGurrin. “I think that`s what most of them are looking for is money to go out and buy drugs.”

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