Berwick Theater Reopens After Renovation

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BERWICK -- In just five months, a lot has changed inside the old Berwick Theater and Center for Community Arts.

With the help of federal grants and local donations, this 1890 opera house, turned vaudeville, turned movie theater is entering a new era.

An era with bigger seats, and comfy couches for movies and community events.

"We really focused on patron comfort in this renovation, and I think people will be real excited to see what we've done with the theater so far," said Cindy Lombard.

More than the seats or the brand new audio system, the biggest difference is the brand new projector, which gives the theater the ability to show brand new movies.

Down the street at King's Pizza, a restaurant that seeks to gain the most from another late-night destination, the newly renovated theater is on the mind of many.

"I was there, Friday night, Saturday, all through high school and junior high," said Carl Majer of Berwick. "That was the thing to do - go to the movie theater."

"A place for people to go and you're going to keep it at the same cost at $5 and totally remodeled," said Mary Ellen Jones of Berwick. "They came before and they're going to come again."

The theater officially reopens on Friday at 7 p.m. with a showing of "Finding Dory."

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