Woman From Clinton County Removed From Death Row

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CLINTON COUNTY -- A woman from Clinton County who murdered an elderly man back in 2003 is no longer on death row.

A Clinton County judge ruled last month that Shonda Walter had inadequate legal representation in her trial.

Walter killed an 83-year-old World War Two veteran in Lock Haven. Prosecutors said, at the time, Walker was being initiated into a street gang.

There is still a moratorium on the death penalty in Pennsylvania. Walker was the only woman on death row in the state.

But now, Walker has been re-sentenced to life in prison.


  • E. Hall

    Did she get resentenced to life or life without parole? I would hate to think a lowlife like that would be out in a couple of years for time served or good behavior.

  • Shonda Walter

    Why did we waste time on this person?

    This THUG murders a war hero and we’re still wasting tax dollars on her?

    No sense has been made here.

  • Eileen Beyer

    It took 13 years to discover this murderess had inadequate legal representation? She killed an innocent elderly man who was a veteran no less….she deserves to die.

  • rebeccantsproductionscom

    This piece of trash killed an 83 year old man by striking him 60+ times with a hatchet, stole his money and his car, and tried to sell the car, all to be initiated into a street gang. He must have suffered terribly. There’s an article in The Lock Haven Express outlining the reasons, ineffective counsel, blah blah blah. Oh, and serious questions about her guilt? Are you kidding me? She should have been executed years ago.

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