Vandals Strike Williamsport Church Twice in Two Days

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WILLIAMSPORT — Members of a congregation in Williamsport are searching for whoever threw rocks through windows at their church in two incidents in just two days.

These photos show the damage at New Covenant United Church of Christ on East Third Street.

wmpt church vandalism four wmpt church vandalism one

The pastor tells us the first incident happened Thursday night, but he found the damage yesterday morning.

Then the vandals struck again last night. That damage was found this morning.

Church members tell Newswatch 16 this is the third time the church has been hit by vandals in recent months in Williamsport.



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  • Feed Me More

    vandalism isnt right, but the church has an unlimited amount of TAX FREE money that will pay to fix it so they will be fine

    • GrammarIsImportant

      Unlimited? What, do they have a printing press? Even if they had billions in the bank, it is not okay to damage their private property. Hopefully one of your neighbors, who thinks you are wealthier than he is, doesn’t hold this same view.

  • Valfreyja

    I’m not a Christian and have a lot of problems with the ethics their theology imparts. But if you’ve got something to say you need to say it in public where your idea can be prosecuted according to facts. This is cowardly.

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