Firefighter Mourned at Company Picnic

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP-- Brandon Gose should have been enjoying his fire company's picnic. Instead, the volunteer's gear was placed on a chair, a last minute memorial.

Gose was killed Friday in a motorcycle crash in Kingston Township. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. Police say Gose was wearing a helmet at the time.

Fire officials say at the time of the crash, Gose had left work in Dallas and was on the way to help set up at the fire hall for the picnic, an example of his dedication to the company.

On Saturday the picnic went on, but participants wore black ribbons and exchanged tearful hugs. A moment of silence was observed and people placed donations in a box.

Gose's girlfriend of 5 years Ashley Love said that she wanted the day to be, "A happy celebration of his life."

Gose hailed from Chino, California but moved to Luzerne County where he thrived, enjoying the outdoors and even the snowy weather.

Love's mother Denise says, "He loved her, he loved Pennsylvania, and he loved Bear Creek."

Gose also impressed officers at the Bear Creek Volunteer Hose Company.

While many members grow up in the company alongside dads and brothers, starting as an "outsider" didn't dampen Gose's enthusiasm.

Assistant Chief Jason Krumsky says, "When you first start out in the volunteer fire service, and you don't come up through the ranks there are hundreds and hundreds of hours of training, he stuck with it."

Krumsky says Gose had the talent to make firefighting his full-time career and was a great asset to the Bear Creek community.

On Friday Krumsky learned of the crash and headed to the scene, where he found himself on the other side of the fireline.

He says, "I will be just straight up honest with was impossible to deal with."

Krumsky says company members are coping with the shock by trying to support Love and her family.