Family: “Son Did Not Make it” After Crash On 81 In Lackawanna County

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Newswatch 16 has an update on the crash in which a tow truck driver was severely hurt on Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County.

The owner of Duchnik towing posted to Facebook Sunday to say his son, David Duchnik Jr., did not make it. The family plans to fulfill Duchnik's wish of being an organ donor.

The father and son were helping clear another crash on Interstate 81 near Clarks Summit on Friday when a tractor-trailer crossed a lane of the highway pinning Duchnik against the tow truck.

State police are still investigating the wreck.


  • Honest Bruno

    The toothless loner, the uneducated, the addicted and the ex-con. Give them a CDL and set them loose on America’s highway system. This is what you get.

    • ...

      You know the stuff you buy doesn’t just magically appear in the stores, could show a little gratitude to the people that don’t see their homes or families for weeks or more at a time instead of insulting them all because one guy messed up.

  • joe

    What bull, yes someone lost there life but why is it always the truck drivers fault, i drive truck as well and were are required to be professionals at all time, but when a car causes an accident involving a truck its ALWAYS the trucks fault. We get so scrutinized over accidents and cars dont. get anything but the truck gets the blame

    • jimbrony

      In this case Joe the truck or truck driver is at fault. The reason you guys get so much scrutiny is because you are the so-called professionals. You get specialized training, your and your vehicles are subject to random spot checks. You have work-hour limits and have to keep log books. So when one of your brothers causes a fatality from a seemingly avoidable accident, be ready for it. Sure – cars cause lots of accidents, that’s because just about any buffoon can get behind the wheel, license or not. But trucks, you guys are supposed to be the knights of the road, so when something like this happens it tarnishes your armor a little bit.

      • Heisenberg

        Well said Jimbrony. Right or Wrong…truck drivers are held to a higher standard and they are absolutely getting a raw deal. It seems ok for a motorist to not use blinkers, zigzag between traffic, and cut people off, but not ok for a trucker to do that. I’d say 99% of trucks are courteous and professional. I also think motorists are not aware that trucks can’t stop as fast and have limited visibility around them and need more space. I definitely feel bad for the trucks….I always give them the space they need and flash my lights to let them know its ok to change lanes in front of me.

    • Sam

      I can’t wait to see all the Ambulance chaser lawyers ads now.

      We’re you hit by a tractor trailer, call us now for a free consultation.

      These guys advertise more than McDonalds.
      And people wonder why the insurance rates are so high.

  • Al

    Before blaming the truck driver, it was reported that he was in the far lane and then veered over something could have possibly broke on the truck to cause it to veer over.. if it’s found that it was the drivers fault that I am sure he will be charged.

  • Jacksincharge

    Your comment politicizing the death of this young man prompted me to spend 10 mins Googling truck accident statistics. From the National Transportation library, Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus statistics, page 34: Fatal accidents did increase ~30% from 1975 to 1980, but have decreased almost every year since to 30% of their peak in 1980, even though the number of trucks on the road has doubled. So it seems you are incorrect.

  • Mike William

    This is sad. My prays are with the family. This was preventable I am a truck driver. As truck drivers we are to remain professional at all times on the road. We are trained to move to the next lane when you see a motorist police officer or accident. This insure safety for you and those who share the road with you. I fully hold the truck driver responsible because had he looked ahead as we are trained to he could have avoided this

  • Show me the money

    This is an accident that never should have happened.Thoughts and prayers go out to this family

  • nojustice_nopeace

    So terribly sorry for this family! So sad! So careless of this truck driver! It cost the life of this young man!

    • Sad

      The info I have is that the cops left the scene of the first accident prematurely and opened the road while the vehicle was still being loaded. They re-opened the highway with an active wreck.

      It was a perfect storm of mistakes.

      A close friend was lost.

      An investigation is needed to help prevent this in the future.

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