Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Expands Site in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is expanding its warehouse in Lycoming County to help support people in our area struggling with hunger.

When Eileen Welker isn't busy answering phone calls and emails at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in Williamsport, she likes to peek out the front window.

"I know I should raise the blind up a little more because I'm always ducking down to see what's going on out there," said Eileen Welker.

The food bank in Williamsport is under construction and for good reason.

"You'll see, as we walk into our existing cooler, we have quickly run out of space," said Jamie Caputo.

The need in central PA has outgrown the warehouse on Wahoo Drive.

"In order to continue our work and expand our work, we need to expand our building,” said Caputo.

The $3.3 million expansion project is funded mostly by donations. It includes a volunteer area, a community kitchen, five times the amount of freezer space, and more loading docks.

"We are adding about another 13,000 square feet, so we will be going to 30,000 all together," said Caputo.

More shelf space means more food and more opportunities to help folks in central PA, including right here in Williamsport.

"They going to need it bigger because they have to feed a lot of people,” said Aaron Holder.

Holder came to pick up crates of food for the annual block party at Antioch Baptist Church in Williamsport.

"I think it's great and the food is helping all the churches," said Holder.

As the facility grows along with the need employees hope support and donations will grow. The expansion project is expected to be finished in November.


  • Gerald Filtz

    Obama has been president for 7 1/2 years now. The economy is booming and creating so many high-paying jobs that there are not enough people to fill them and we are having to import more and more workers from foreign countries. So why is there a need for a food bank?

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