Luzerne County Community College Bans Smoking

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NANTICOKE -- Smokers attending Luzerne County Community College may want to kick the habit. The school is banning tobacco, and students who violate the ban could face fines as high as $50.

School officials insist the reason behind the smoking ban is not to fine people but to encourage healthier lifestyles.

Students return to Luzerne County Community College at the end of the month to begin their fall semester. When that happens, smoking will be prohibited on campus.

"We're excited to find out that we're the first one to go tobacco free," said Miranda Costa, LCCC health adviser.

The campus does have a few designated smoking pavilions, but soon the signs will come down; smoking won't be allowed there either.

"It's a health initiative that I think is going to help many students," said LCCC President Thomas Leary.

Violators of the smoking ban may face a warning for their first offense, and then a $10 fine for their second offense. The fine increases until the fourth offense, and then students will be slapped with a $50 fine for that, and every subsequent time they're caught using tobacco on campus.

Still, many think the policy is a good thing.

"I'm OK with it; I'm not a smoker," said LCCC student Daelyn Mynes.  "I think that it might discourage people from smoking."

"I don't like second-hand smoke; I don't like smelling it, so I think keep a little separation so people don't have to breathe it in," said LCCC student Christa Talpash.

For students who smoke, LCCC is offering resources to help them quit. The smoking ban starts the first day of classes on August 29.


  • Fred

    The level of disconnect in these comments is mind boggling. You people live in a dream world. I’m an LCCC student and I estimate seeing maybe 5-10 smokers A WEEK. That’s out of like appr. 6000 students. You all need to realize that many folk who attend college are young and smart; they are your kids and they see what YOUR poor life choices have done to YOUR health. After hearing “Smoking is bad for you” for nearly 60 years, FINALLY a generation is paying attention. There is no reason…NO REASON…you can give that would justify smoking. None. I welcome you to try.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      I can justify smoking to relieve the stress of having to put up with people as “sophisticated & über cool” as you…

  • KC 61

    If every smoker in PA quit today, the economy would go into an even deeper tailspin. The state govt. would not be collecting all of that unconstitutional tax money….is it not illegal to single out one group and tax them through the roof?
    However, there isn’t enough smokers to be a threat to any politician. Trust me, they will never outlandishly tax alcohol as they do cigarettes because they would be out of a job.
    Yet, alcohol kills far more people “faster” than cigarettes what with crunk drivers on the streets.
    I tell all smokers…QUIT FOR ONE MONTH>>>>The loss of unfair revenue will be felt!
    Not defending smoking, but as the saying goes, NO ONE gets out of this world alive. Smokers or non smokers.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    You would think the counties and the state would work together!

    You would think the lawmakers would promote smoking everywhere since they just increased the tax per pack!!

    That’s basic economics. Basic marketing!!

    No wonder we’re trillions in debt!

    We don’t promote the stuff we tax!!

    I say let em smoke and pay off the debt!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    It’s not the schools place to worry about students healthy lifestyles.

    I’m not a smoker. All this nonsense makes me want to start though.

    • Pugnacious Confucious

      I have wondered why “we” worry about smokers. But we will allow any child molester, rapist, and murderer in our public places. The exhaust out of chimneys heating homes, vehicle exhaust, and factories are far more serious. The sad new “chew” America is here. I wish people would pick important issues.

  • Bill

    I’m not a smoker but doesn’t that college get tax funds so why don’t the whole Luzerne County have a say

    • shagtastique

      “I’m not a smoker but doesn’t that college get tax funds so why don’t the whole Luzerne County have a say”

      I don’t think the creator of the above comment has to fear wandering onto a college campus any time soon, so what’s the big deal?

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