Emaciated Horses Seized in Wayne County

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WAYNE COUNTY -- Humane officials have taken two horses from their owner all because the animals appear to be starving.

You don't need to take a close look at the two horses to know there's something wrong. Billy and Lucy are now staying at a farm in Wayne County after humane officials took the animals from their owner Tuesday.

"We were afraid they weren`t going to survive if they stayed where they were," said Humane Society Police Officer Marlene Metzger.

Even though the horses are in their twenties, Metzger said there's no excuse for them to have their rib cages showing, no meat on their hindquarters and hungry.

"They are under a veterinarian`s care, of course there`s testing being done on them to find the cause of their emaciation," she said.

Billy and Lucy are getting the treatment they need and the care, but the help is still needed in form of donations to Dessin Animal Shelter for food and especially veterinary care.

"Make them comfortable, try to get some weight on them, get them healthy," said one of the people helping take care of the horses.

The folks caring for the horses are confident their conditions didn't happen overnight and are upset to see both animals struggling.

"That`s painful to look at and if it`s painful to look at it`s got to be painful to exist like that. I can`t imagine being that hungry," said the caretaker.

Officials expect it will be a long road for both horses but the fact they're eating is a great sign.

Metzger may file charges against the owner of the horses once the investigation is complete.


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