Racing Against the Rain at Pocono

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LONG POND -- It was another day of tricky weather at the Tricky Triangle.

Fog and rain caused the rain delayed Pennsylvania 400 in Monroe County to be delayed again and ultimately ended early.

A few people remained camping at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond Monday night in fields that were covered in puddles. Most of the spectators headed out pretty quickly Monday afternoon after the race ended early.

Drivers raced against each other and Mother Nature as fog and rain caused problems for a second day in a row at the Pennsylvania 400.

After Pocono Raceway sent out a warning about severe weather moving in, many spectators decided it was time to move out, even before the race was suspended.

“The fog was unbelievable, and we knew the race would be called, so we just headed out early, tried to beat the traffic, but that just didn't work,” said Shawn Hughes, Boston.

Along Route 940, state troopers in raincoats did their best to keep traffic moving as the rain, rush hour, and race day all tangled traffic.

A couple from South Carolina decided to party in the pond around their trailer as some campers tried to dry out their gear.

“They got most of the race in, then we came back here and woosh! There was a flood,” said Jim Frey of South Carolina.

While the husband and wife are making the best of the situation, they are not sure if they will be back next year

“We are questioning whether this will be our last Pocono. We know it is a lot of rain here a lot, and we hear a lot of the drivers talk about that too, but we will see, we will consider it for next year,” said Becky Hillman of South Carolina.

While that couple is wondering whether they will come back, other people we met say making the best of the weather is all part of being a NASCAR fan.