DUI Charges against Driver in Crash that Killed Motorcyclist

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ARCHBALD -- A woman is now facing charges in a crash that killed a college baseball player. That woman from Lackawanna County is behind bars after being charged with homicide by vehicle while DUI.

The crash in April killed a teenager who had a college baseball game scheduled for later that day.

There is a makeshift memorial near the site of the crash to Shane Rivenburgh, 18, of Mayfield. Rivenburgh was on his motorcycle on Business Route 6 in April when police say a vehicle driven by Lisa Mecca of Dickson City hit him and killed him.

Mecca was in court Monday morning in Archbald. She faces charges including homicide by vehicle while DUI. Investigators say toxic levels of prescription drugs were found in her system including a painkiller and Xanax.

Officers say they noticed something wasn't quite right with Mecca immediately after the crash. Court papers indicate she was slurring her speech and gave her a field sobriety test before taking her for blood tests.

"These are prescription medications. Based on the affidavit, the allegations are that the defendant was incoherent, really not making sense. People need to think just because a doctor says you can take these pills, doesn't mean you should drive on them or safely operate anything," said Lackawanna County District Attorney Shane Scanlon.

Prosecutors tell Newswatch 16 that this is Lisa Mecca's second arrest in a year and a half for driving under the influence. The first one resulted in an ARD and a two-month license suspension.

"There is no excuse. A family lost a young son, a brother. It's heart wrenching. Now a family is going to watch their mother go to jail. All around it's a tragedy," said Scanlon.

This time, Mecca is facing homicide by vehicle while DUI and is locked up in Lackawanna County.

Shane Rivenburgh was a baseball player for Lackawanna College. His teammates put the memorial after his death.


  • Blind Society

    Looks like Big Pharma is causing a lot of trouble. Self control is not an on and off switch. Very sad loss for friends and family of Shane. These people get on drugs and can’t stop (or don’t have self control). Look into alternatives medicines! Your drive to get high just cost a young man his future!

    • jimbrony

      Feel better now? Does making that comment complete your day – make you fee like you’ve accomplished something – give you purpose? All it proves is you are a heartless knuckle-dragging mouth breathing troll that people probably go out of their way to avoid. Somebody that children throw rocks at your house. Were you always last pick at gym class, or did you have an excuse slip because you were ‘special’? Your mother probably had to tie a pork chop around your neck to get the dog to play with you. Go away.

  • David Edwards

    I am glad to see police going after DUI charges for the motor cyclist killer , To many car driver go with out charges after causing a death

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