Go Joe 19: Grand Total Revealed

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Another Go Joe charity bike ride and St. Joseph's Telethon have wrapped up. The two raise money for St. Joseph's Center in Scranton, which helps children and adults who have physical and intellectual disabilities.

Newswatch 16 morning meteorologist Joe Snedeker's five-day bike ride raised $186,000 alone.

Between the bike ride and telethon, more than $305,000 was raised for the center.

Thank you for all of your generous donations!


  • hall of shame

    I agree. Thats why i dont donate to anyone. Too much corruption. I’ll bet only about 20 cents of every dollar goes to where people “think” its going. And as fair as Jacobs goes, yes, he’s an attention seeker. A unpopular guy that feels the need to be popular but fails at every try. Next time you watch Pa. outdoor life, check out how unsafe jacobs handles a gun while hunting. H’es always pointing it at fellow hunters, and whenever he shoots an animal he always runs up to it with loaded gun in hand like a child. Very foolish.

  • don justice

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you lemmings that donate knew where the money went??? When is tubzo Jacobs going to quite trying to stay in the lime light?

  • Bill

    Isn’t it odd that Saint Joe’s would take a check from a local weatherman, who daily on radio or tv, mocks the church, mocks God and anybody who believes in God? take the money where you can get it !

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