Extra Security has Four Legs at Pocono Raceway

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Long Pond -- If you're at Pocono Raceway you might see some four-legged security walking around the RV lot and at the raceway entrances. They are bomb-sniffing dogs. Newswatch 16 followed around some of the dogs and their handlers and asked fans what they think of the extra security.

Red is a chocolate lab, but he is not at the Pennsylvania 400 Race to watch it. He is there to patrol. Red is a bomb-sniffing dog at the raceway to keep fans safe.

"It gives us an added sense of security to know they are here taking care of us," said Kathy Shafer of Clifton Park

The dogs were brought in as an added security feature for race weekends at Pocono Raceway. Paul Stapleton is president of Stapleton Security, the company that brought in the dogs.

"It's just an additional layer of security. Their primary goal is to identify any explosive odor if it's present. Whether it be someone walking in, an unattended bag, vehicle bombs or any situation like that," said Stapleton.

With thousands of people packed into Pocono Raceway for the three-day event,  officials didn't want to take any safety risks. Several dogs, including the three bomb sniffing dogs from Stapleton Security, will be patrolling the raceway grounds all weekend.

People at the raceway tell us they feel at ease when they see the security dogs because you never know what can happen. Knowing that they are here makes them feel safe.

Kathy Schafer, from upstate New York, is a big NASCAR fan and loves coming to the big events, but after all the terrorist attacks happening around the world, she thinks you can never be too safe. "In this day in age, everywhere there are threats, security threats," says Schafer. "It's definitely nice to know that they are here."

Joseph heinl and his daughter desiree Heinl from prospect in butler county are here for their first race at pocono raceway -- he felt safe seeing bags being checked and dogs on patrol.

Joseph Heinl and his daughter Desiree Heinl from Prospect in Butler County are at their first race at Pocono Raceway. He felt safe seeing bags being checked and dogs on patrol.

"Terrorism and stuff has gotten way out of control obviously, but whatever it takes to make us safe," says Joseph Heinl.

"It's always safe to be watching out," says Desiree Heinl. "You have to keep your eyes out for anything, so any situation you have, the more security, the better."


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