Coffee Shops See Boom After Dunkin Donuts Fire

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SHAMOKIN -- Some businesses in Shamokin are stepping up to serve customers coffee and donuts since Dunkin Donuts is still closed.

A 13-year-old is accused of setting the building on fire over the weekend, causing extensive damage.

Laurie Davies of Shamokin stopped by "A Piece of Cake" on North 8th Street to get her daily coffee. Davies is normally a Dunkin Donuts customer.

"It's handier with the drive through. So you're sad about the fire? We are, we need some caffeine for work," Davies said.

Davies is talking about the arson Saturday night. A teenager is accused of setting Dunkin Donuts on fire.

After "A Piece of Cake" owner Jill Smith heard about the fire, she sprang into action. This family-owned business is usually closed on Sundays and Mondays.

"Even though it's a corporation, we still have community people who work there and have jobs. That's when we stepped it up on Sunday, came in, got things ready and opened on Monday," Smith said.

Smith and her family have a planned vacation this weekend, but will reopen Tuesday. They will open every Monday after that until Dunkin Donuts reopens. This week she's seen a lot of new faces.

"People that have been displaced because where they sit at Dunkin right now is closed. We opened our doors so that they can still have their fix with coffee and goodies," Smith said.

Another coffee shop that's seeing a boom in business is "The Sweet Tooth Cafe" on Independence Street.

"A lot of people are missing their coffee. They're going through withdrawal. You see Facebook and it's this and that. I miss this, I'm not getting that. They need their fix," Michael Kane said.

Customers are happy for the two shops.

"That's a wonderful thing. That's really great. That's nice of them to do," Davies said.

There's still no official word when Dunkin Donuts will reopen in Shamokin, but according to the sign, they'll be back soon.


  • Amused

    Do people not know what a coffee machine is? They do make them that they brew one cup at a time, too… A shop is closed. The world has not ended.

  • ironrabbit

    At least people aren’t blocking public streets with their cars anymore, lined up at Dunkin’ Donuts badly designed drive thru.

  • San

    I get a kick out of all the people that are lined up down the street, ( and sometimes blocking traffic ) at some of these Dunkin’ Donuts shops.
    People Complain about the price of gas & fuel,
    while waiting in line.
    Park the thing at walk to the counter !!

    • Gerbilwrangler

      It does hurt the cankles with any extra walkin. Best to jes sit in the vehicle. Not sure why all the folks go into the drug store for their medications though. Maybe to make sure the pills arnt coming from any chinese packages. I’ll sit in the vehicle for that to

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