After Man Charged With Daughter’s Killing, Gary and Linda Inch Speak

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FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Gary and Linda Inch say it has been a long and difficult six months, but now that Michael Houseweart of Canton has been charged with killing their daughter, a weight has been lifted.

"Justice is moving forward now. It seemed like forever, you know, not much was going on legally. It's been very difficult, very painful, you know? Because they were girl and boyfriend and we couldn't comprehend somebody doing something like this and I would say through prayer and time it has helped us get through it,” said Gary Inch.

In January, Gary and Linda Inch were attacked in their home near Montoursville, held at gunpoint, duct taped and left to die after two men set their home ablaze.

"They were standing here at the foot of the bed, had a rifle pointed at us,” said Gary Inch.

Linda Inch managed to escape and run for help. Gary Inch was rescued.

"He took a life, he almost took ours. There has to be some kind of payment for that,” said Linda Inch.

Gary and Linda didn't know it at the time, but investigators say Michael Houseweart and Brian Vroman, also of Canton, were responsible for the attack.

Investigators also say before the home invasion, Houseweart killed his girlfriend, Gary and Linda's daughter Michelle Inch.

Troopers say she was shot and stabbed.

For months, family and friends searched for her.

In March, her body was discovered in a wooded area in Bradford County.

"I think we knew all along that he did it. We just were waiting for the charges to come. It's been a long wait,” said Linda Inch.

Troopers believe Houseweart may have been jealous Michelle was talking to another man and that jealousy fueled that attack.

Gary and Linda Inch aren't so sure. All they know is Michelle deserved better. They did, too.

Their home is being fixed up after the fire and soon they will move back in. Their old bedroom holds bad memories. They're moving into the room Michelle used to sleep in.

“To come back here now that we're getting a new start on it, we think it's wonderful,” said Linda Inch.


  • packing pink heat 24/7 missing my love SJV.

    God bless this young life and her loving family and friends . Speaking from going through the same terror in august of 15 with the same outcome with the feeling of “not knowing” for 6 days I wouldn’t have been able to handle “months” of that feeling . being told “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” I kept up hope until the very last moment when that black car pulled into the driveway on a Sunday night and 2 very nice troopers sat me down . I knew he was gone , my life was gone , my heart was in shock, and still is, almost a year later trial begins August 29th and that “sovereign citizen” will be tried for first degree murder in Luzerne County courthouse . it never goes away. although justice will be served and I mean “EVERYONE” involved with this cowardly act will be convicted . I understand the split second life change, watching the clocks everyday when he would have called after work, every night not getting that goodnight phone call , never to hear his voice again… ever. it all just stopped no goodbyes just nothing…. just red and blue flashing lights and confusion . So to the Inch family I am sorry.. deeply it is terrifying to go through from our families to yours it is a long road and we are praying for you and Michelle. To the families who are fortunate enough to not have a loved become a homicide victim hold your loved ones close everyday , hug them everyday, tell them how much you love them everyday, before they leave out that door for work or school or anywhere for that matter, the world has changed , this area has changed, and with it so has the low life career criminals. please be safe and support your law enforcement because THEY CARE ABOUT US we know this. thank God for Leo’s and God bless the Inch family PLEASE BE SAFE, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDS! ALWAYS BE ALERT!

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