Helping Through the Heat Wave

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PLYMOUTH -- The American Red Cross set up a canteen station at the site of the viewing for a corrections officer who died at the Luzerne County Prison last week.

They provide water and way to cool down for those waiting in line to pay their respects.

"We've already seen over the weekend, as far as the Red Cross is concerned, we've had to support hundreds of firefighters at different blazes," said Red Cross official Dave Skutnik.

A Red Cross truckload of water and ice is going to support the hundreds of people in line at Wyoming Valley West paying their respects for fallen Luzerne County Corrections Officer Kris Moules.

"What we're going to do is gather ice, beverages for people to keep cool that are going to be down there throughout the afternoon."

Likely, the last thing on anyone's mind here is the weather but high heat, especially with high emotions, is a concern. So it's safer for the Red Cross to setup a canteen station, reminding people all over in this heat wave to always be mindful to stay hydrated and stay indoors if you can.

"Really, the biggest thing, is to check on your elderly friends and neighbors, a lot of people don't have air conditioning."

The Red Cross recommends the elderly or anyone who typically takes walks outside to find a place indoors, like a mall, during this week long heat wave.

The Red Cross plans to be out here as long as they are needed. In this heat wave, they are prepared set up cooling station or canteen stations like this anywhere they are needed.