Police: 4 Year Old Dies After Being Left in Vehicle for Hours

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A 4-year-old girl is dead after she was left in a hot car for hours.

Officials in Williamsport tell us the woman who takes care of the girl usually drops the child off at daycare in the morning. But on Friday, instead of dropping the girl off, she went straight to work. When she came out at the end of the day, she found the girl unconscious in the car.

Officials say the woman works at a business on the 500 block of West Fourth Street and left the girl in the back seat of her car in the parking lot for most of the day.

According to police in Williamsport, the woman did not come out to the car until around 3:30 p.m.

Emergency crews tried to revive the child who was taken to the hospital where she died.

Neighbors say they saw emergency crews arrive, but didn't know why they had the street blocked off.

"And with today's heat, it’s horrible, horrible, makes me want to cry, Makes me think of my kids, you know, that would never happen but," said Bert Briggs of Williamsport.

"I know she is sad and torn, you know, because she lost a loved one because she left the baby in the car. I mean, damn, wow," said Lonnie Brooks of Williamsport.

The temperature in Williamsport reached 97 degrees Friday.

An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.


  • Laura

    There has been a post going around Facebook!! Same EXACT story of a guy that used that same exact excuse with his own child. There is a post going around d Facebook now showing a dog with the caption “If you forget that I’m in the car, your too irresponsible to have me!”. Powerful statement! Why is so much of this happening with cases like this (and with pets)all over the news and social media?? It isn’t something that was happening decades ago when people were more responsible of their family members or children we cared for. COMMON SENSE goes a long way!!!!!!! 😬

  • The Wrath of God

    The perpetrator of this unspeakable crime should be confined in a sauna until she dies of heatstroke. “An eye for an eye”.

    • Candice

      Why not have parents be more responsible & have common sense not to leave a child, a pet, anything living ,sitting in a car unattended before waiting billions on car seat alarms etc!! I do think alarms are a good idea also, but common sense solves a lot.

  • jjcale

    You can’t forget a child in the back seat. You just can’t. These people want for some diabolical and beyond me reason to kill their children. They must go to jail for premeditated murder or (where applicable) the death row.
    They are the worst kind of criminals on our planet.
    I beg the judges…it’s the only way that these murders could stop.
    You just can’t forget a child in your car. It’s not humanly possible…

    • Malinda Halim

      You know I used to think the same thing, and I used to feel free to judge these people. In November of 1993 my marriage broke up due to domestic violence. I was 39 weeks pregnant with our second child. A few weeks later after a c-section and several sleepless nights I had to be at a child support conference. I was still taking pain medication. I had a four year old and a newborn, one who slept night, one who slept during the day, no family, no close friends and no sleep. On the way to the hearing I dropped off the four year old at the sitter. I went to the court house, and I parked. I probably should not even have been driving but there was NO ONE to do it for me and we needed the child support so badly. The week old newborn was sleeping quietly in her carseat. I locked the car and I went in. The lady from domestic relations greeted me by saying “Oh I hoped you would bring the baby” I screamed “Oh my god the baby” And ran to the car. She was fine, it was early December and she was warm and still aslerp. I had been gone maybe 10 min. But had it been summer………We’ll my point is it can happen …..to ANYONE. I was and am a good mother. I love and wanted my planned children. At the time I was overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and medicated. I had been the mother of two for a week. Does that excuse forgetting a baby? No . But it does tell you, or at least anyone who actually wants to understand how these tragic things happen, that there are cirmstances where it can. And it can happen to wanted loved children.

    • Mary John

      It doesn’t say it was the child’s mother, so let’s not condemn the mother. We don’t know the relation of the caregiver to the child.

    • D4

      Adult should held accountable for this tragedy. Hope someday new tech comes out that sends signals to phones/or an alarm goes off from within to alert someone from the car seat that the child has not been removed and is still there. Create alarms for car seats to help save a child’s life! Thoughts and prayers for the little girl’s family. RIP. Sad. :(

    • Candice

      I agree charges do need to be filed definitely!! Someone does need to be held responsible for a loss of life& for being gross negligent& have all children given to family members since that person obviously can’t take care of a child. So sad& such a loss! God let her Rip

  • Jennifer

    This kind of ‘accident’ is turning into a free pass for child murder…I’m really not buying all these parents forgot their kid, especially a freaking 4 year old, in a car. Watch…one day, an investigator is going to find out the truth on just one person, and the number of child deaths because of an “accident” of being left in a hot car is going to go WAY down.

  • edokko88

    I don’t see anything in the Republican platform about our society providing affordable child care for working mothers, I guess we’ll be too busy building walls and crucifying the opposition to do those things that will make America good again. Someone should bring this to Mr Trump’s attention when he visits next week.

    • Commonsense124

      So…let me get this straight. It’s the fault of Donald Trump and the Republican platform that an irresponsible woman left her kid in the car in Williamsport? You are a clown for somehow turning this into a political post and blaming Trump. That’s way out there.

    • Slamdunk

      Especially a 4 year old. They are bigger. You shouldn’t miss them in a car seat when you park and exit the vehicle..I don’t get it either. How does someone forget they have a child in the car?

      • Tria MacLeod (@Tria821)

        Actually it is the age of the child that makes me think something was going on. Most typical 4yo can undo a car seat and they specifically say ‘caregiver’ not parent, not aunt, not grandparent. And the autopsy yesterday hasn’t determined a cause of death which makes me wonder if the child had been drugged before hand OR if the child was already dead and this is meant to cover up another crime. But this is complete supposition on my part.

    • Candice

      She didn’t forget, she thought it was ok to do! So disturbing! There’s so many ppl that want kids& can’t & there’s ppl like this! So sad!

      • Tori

        You are right Candice!! Every frieking year this happens. It has become an habit. You cannot even breathe when the windows are up in a 97° car, it’s stifling. You want to tell me it didn’t cross her mind when she got to her destination that the child was left in the car? What a horrible death? RIP baby!!! Hope they lock her a%# up!!

  • danielle gross

    Am I the only one who wonders why did the child not get out of the car? I feel as though something else happened prior to this. My 4 year old if left alone would have been out of the car with in 5 minutes or less, I’m assuming the car was not running so its not as though there could have been a video to distract the child. This makes my heart heavy, how do you “forget your child” at 4 years old you don’t !

    • Mrs G

      It’s possible that the child was in a car seat. My 5 year old isn’t strong enough to unbuckle his yet…

    • rcarson79

      The child could have been asleep when the car was turned off. Before the child woke up they would have been dead. Also the door could have been locked and had child safety. A little ironic if that is true, hope it isn’t. Depending on the model and the year. doors can’t be open from the inside that are child seats. I had a 2003 Mercury Sable like that. Whatever the reason it is cruel negligence. Whomever left the child in the car needs to be locked up and the key thrown away.

  • Cheryl Fenstermacher

    This is horrible! I’ll never understand how people forget their child is in the backseat! Very sad.

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