Campers Beat the Heat in the Poconos

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SCIOTA -- At a gun range in Sciota, some teenagers learned about the great outdoors. It's all part of a week-long camp in this part of the Poconos.

"I am here to get outdoors. I don't really get outdoors that much and I really like the wilderness and animals and stuff, so I thought why not," said Shane Dohn of Kunkletown.

More than 30 campers took part in the Monroe County Conservation Camp. It's a getaway that allows them to get up close and personal with Mother Nature.

"We are just going outside and learning a lot," said Michael Harrison of Dalmatia.

But for these campers, keeping cool in the hot sun was difficult. That's why they made sure to keep water handy and find shade whenever possible.

"We just try to stay hydrated, we try to drink as much water as we can," said Julia Smiertelny of Stroudsburg.

"I have been doing pretty good. At nighttime when we were stargazing it was still pretty warm too which is kind of surprising," said Harrison.

Not only are these campers battling the heat, they are also battling the urge to use their cell phones. This is an electronic free camp, but surprisingly, they don't miss these things at all.

Julia Smiertelny from Stroudsburg tells us living without her phone got a little easier after the first few days.

"At the beginning, it was tough I do have to say, but I have kind of gotten used to it and now I feel like I don't miss it anymore," said Smiertelny.

Other campers tell us not having their phones was an eye opening experience.

It made catching a glimpse of some animals much easier.

"We saw, I think it was 21 eagles, bald eagles, and it was cool," said Harrison.

"It gets me to open my eyes more to the world," said Dohn.

The camp will end Saturday here in the Poconos. That's when students will get their phones back.

After this experience, some tell us they plan to ditch their phones more often.