Former Teacher Sews Flags for Veterans

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OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP -- Sharon Stout, a former home economics teacher from Old Lycoming Township never runs out of fabric.

"Oh, I have, you know, stashes all over the place,"

After Sharon celebrated her 50th class reunion from South Williamsport High School, she started a project that would use up most of the patriotic fabric scattered around her house.

"I sort of designed a little flag and started making them," said Stout.

Sharon planned to sew personalized flags alone for each of her classmates that served in the armed forces.

"These were, this is my list and it kept getting larger and larger," said Stout.

Once the list hit about 50 veterans, her sewing group got involved.

"You know we started dividing them up and we helped her finish them so she would get them done on time," said Mandy Feinberg.

With that extra help from friends, Sharon was able to sew and pack up about 50 flags that look similar to what James Huggins received the weekend of the fourth of July.

"We were away that weekend and I came home and there was a package from Sharon and I go, 'what the heck is Sharon sending me?' When I opened it up I was very surprised," said Jim Huggins.

So were the other classmates who sent cards and posted pictures online.

"I never expected the response from my classmates that I got it was absolutely wonderful," said Stout as she read a card.

Because Sharon cared enough to thank those who first cared for us and our country we think Sharon Stout deserves a 16 Salute.