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Meeting Planned to Discuss Landfill Expansion

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THROOP -- A meeting will be held Monday evening at Mid Valley High School in Throop. The Department of Environmental Protection wants to hear what the public has to say about the expansion of the Keystone Landfill.

The public input session will begin at 6 p.m. and run until 9:30.

The Keystone Landfill straddles Throop and Dunmore. Back in March of 2014, Keystone applied for an expansion that would lengthen the life of the landfill by more than forty years.

Near by residents raised the red flag, believing that the expansion would create a mountain of garbage.

Earlier this year, Keystone modified its application, saying it would expand by putting garbage in existing valleys on site.

If you can't get to Mid Valley High, you can mail or e-mail your comments to the state. You have until the close of business on July 29th to contact them.

It could take months before the state approves or denies the expansion.


  • Dont Flip The Cans

    Hey, Waste Management! Stop flipping the garbage cans upside down! You are creating litter when the wind blows; due to some garbage still being in the cans! Not to mention we have to pick up anything that was in the can when you flipped it! Why do you even do this?

  • tiny

    If you drive by, it looks like the expansion has started a long time ago, approval or not. Typical denaples manuver.

    • Dont Flip The Cans

      I can’t agree with this more! Restaurants everywhere should have recycling cans. They are the LARGEST producers of waste! Picnics, Department stores, Schools, Workplaces! What are you waiting for? Get recycling cans in place. Save your aluminum and make profit trading them in for scrap. Give the profit to charity or a specific need in the business.

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