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Power To Save: Unplugging and Plugging into the Natural World

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- How about putting your hands on an animal skull instead of an iPhone, a paintbrush instead of a video game control?

That's what eco-explorers at camp near Daleville aim to do this week.

"Especially nowadays, the last 10 years or so, most of our children and adults, have their heads in their iPhone or computers and it's really good just to get them out into nature and have real experiences," said Sharon Yanick-Craig, Environmental Education Center.

Downpours forced the campers to learn about the outdoors inside Lackawanna College's Environmental Education Center in Covington Township.

The groups ages 8 through 13 have been learning about protecting the world around them all week.

The camp directors say many of their campers are repeat visitors. Some have been coming since preschool, and then show interest in school programs and careers in the sciences.

"They sure seem enthusiastic enough! it Would be great to do a really long study and see where they end up because we work with them a lot of them stay with us."

You can see the enthusiasm when the kids break up in team to identify those animal skulls.

The middle school group is using art to learn about bird adaptation.

So far, it seems they're getting the message.

"I enjoy being out in nature, I get to learn about nature, and it's very relaxing being able to come here and just be out in the woods and have people to talk to," said Jaden Ball of Jermyn.

"You can help the earth, like, when you make products like you may grow up to make products that save the environment," said Alison Samudio of Gouldsboro.

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