Helping to Feed Hungry Children in the Summer

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PECKVILLE -- Summer is in full swing and now that kids aren't in school, one group is helping to feed children who rely on free or reduced-price lunch during the school year.

After the bell rang on the last day of school at Valley View Elementary Center in Peckville, Jenny's Kloset began to fill up with donations of food that will find their way to the mouths of kids who receive free or reduced-price lunch during the school year.

"It's very sad to think we're so fortunate and there are children leave here on Fridays and don't know where their next meal is going to come from until they come back. So what happens when they're gone for three months? That's what we're thinking about," said Tina Jezuit.

Jezuit and her team of do-gooders packed the food into boxes, something they'll do two more times this summer in order to help feed kids in the community.

"We pack them, label them, then go in our cars and deliver them," explained Lorraine Stevens.

Jenny's Kloset is taking food donations to 12 families in the Valley View School District and hopes to have even more in the future

"We want to take care of all the families that need help. There are more than 12, we just need to find them so we can help them," said Jillian Jezuit.

Some of this food came from the community. Some came from boys and girls who benefit from the charity "Cancertacular," which helps them as they undergo treatments. In return, the children learn the valuable lesson of paying it forward.

"We have kids helping donate food, and in order to help feed hungry children, I think the kids are realizing they can give back," said Stevens.

"Not only getting them involved but hoping to set an example for them to want to do this as they get older," added Tina Jezuit.

The hope now is to expand the reach of Jenny's Kloset after its beginning was made possible at Valley View.

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  • Buford T. Justice

    This is so sad that this is even a headline….we want to take in all these refugees and help other countries when we have hungry children in our own neighborhoods. NO child should ever be hungry in this country….

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