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Students Planting Personal Growth in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Some soon-to-be high schoolers were given a hands-on lesson in sustainability on Tuesday in Scranton.

The lesson for the incoming high school freshman fits the scenery on North Irving Avenue in Scranton.

"We've been learning about conserving energy, recycling, planting," said Abygale Bergamino of Old Forge.

"Since we're the generation that's going to have to face the effects of pollution we see around, so we need to find ways to preserve the environment, to use new energy, so that's what we're learning now," said Darius Bermudez of Milford.

The students are part of the University of Scranton's "University of Success" program and will learn from the university all throughout their high school careers.

This week, they're planting trees that will eventually provide shade on campus.

In the University of Scranton's "Royal Community Garden," the undergrads at the university have already planted plenty of produce that's ready for harvest. They're getting some help from the high schoolers this week.

"There's a blue spruce and two maples that we're planting and now each of them seems to be getting the opportunity to use a shovel and they're seeing that digging a hole is not as easy as you think! The plants just don't jump into the ground, it's an important lesson that needs to be learned also," said Mark Murphy, University of Scranton.

The students will be able to come back and visit their hard work over the next four years. The trees will grow as they do.

"I think it will be really cool to see all the progress of it growing," said Bergamino.

"It makes me feel like, when we look back at it, I can reflect on how I grew up and how successful I've become and all my accomplishments just looking at that tree," said Sarah Pinerio of Clarks Green.

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