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Residents Concerned About ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Speeding Through Neighborhood

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The new smartphone game “Pokemon Go” is taking the world by storm. But in the Poconos, it is causing a little bit of a headache for some residents after gamers were seen driving too fast.

People playing “Pokemon Go” can be seen walking up and down Main Street in Stroudsburg all day long. Some gamers are even driving to play the game and it's concerning residents in Stroud Township, especially after some were seen driving too fast down a residential street.

Maryann Ace tells us it's usually quiet on Clause Drive in Stroud Township, but she noticed a change over the last few days: more cars going up and down the street with people inside playing with their phones.

"It's sort of caught on and it really, you got to be careful. We have a crossroad here and we don't want anyone to get hurt," said Ace.

The extra traffic is coming from people playing the new game. Clause Drive is a popular spot for those who play.

Residents who aren't familiar with the game tell us they are confused over the amount of people roaming around.

"I still don't understand who started it and what is the goal. Really, what is the purpose here? Is there an end game to this thing?" asked Bob Stokes of Stroud Township.

For people who live in this section of Stroud Township, the church on Clause Drive is just a church. But for people who play “Pokemon Go,” it's more. The church is a “gym” in the game where players train. Many players have been going there and it's concerning neighbors because they are driving too fast.

"It does cause a lot more traffic here, and usually we don't have that much traffic," Ace added.

We caught up with some people playing the game on their phones and asked them what they thought about those players who were seen driving too fast.

They hope it doesn't become more of a problem.

"You're putting people’s lives at risk driving really fast just to get to some game. It's a game. Your life isn't over if you don't get to the stop in time," said Vanessa Kuras of Stroudsburg.

We did reach out to Stroud Area Regional Police about how people can keep safe while playing the game.

They encourage those who play “Pokemon Go” to be aware of their surroundings and stay cautious and courteous to those around you.


  • media_is_the_problem

    This doesn’t even make sense. It makes me sense for people to drive 5 miles per hour while playing this game, driving fast has absolutely no purpose and would cause players to miss everything they’re searching for. This is just looking to cause controversy.

  • Know justice_Know peace

    ‘I’m OK with drunks and people texting behind the wheel, but these Pokemon players really have me concerned.’ Stupid article, stupid game. For being smart phones, they sure have brought out the dumb in people.

    • Valfreyja

      Sort of maybe.

      The laws are you may not text or receive messages of any kind while driving BUT you are allowed to make calls. You don’t even have to use a handsfree headset because screw consistency. I would guess if this ever goes to court it will get added tot he list but as of right now it’s probably good. The trouble is our laws on the subject are limp and enforcement virtually non existent. It’s only a $50 fine too.

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