Locals Support Man Fighting to Get His Job Back

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- About 100 people gathered outside Walmart in East Stroudsburg on Saturday, holding signs in support of a man who lost his job due to his disability.

Danny Ockenhouse has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.

For the past 21 years, he has worked at the Walmart as a friendly face for everyone who walked in.

Tom Jenkins of Snydersville said, “Everybody cares about him. He would talk to everybody. He would be rolling down the street. He would stop and talk to you."

Friends at the protest say Danny took his job very seriously. They say he would sleep in the store if he knew it would snow the next day so he wouldn't miss a day of work.

“Oh, I had a ball. I would say, 'Welcome to Wally World,' and sometimes if I was really busy, I would say, 'Welcome to the zoo,' or 'Welcome to the nuthouse,'” said Danny.

That’s why, when Danny got the news that he was getting let go after 21 years of being on the job, it left him in a state of shock.

“Three weeks ago,  he had to find something else for me to do. Everything  I  wanted to do, he said  I couldn't because there was some degree of lifting," said Danny.

The ability to lift 50 pounds is one of the new requirements for the position at Walmart, which is something Danny isn't able to do.

Organizers with the protest say laying Danny off because of his disability is unfair.

“Somebody has to be their voice. Somebody has to stand up for them and let them know it’s not okay. Just because they have a disability doesn't make them any less of a person,” said Taraz Crowley.

Organizers for Danny say they have reached out to Walmart and local officials to help get him his job back and plan to continue to protest until he does.

Newswatch 16 reached out to Walmart for a comment on the new policy, but the company was unable to respond before our 6 p.m. newscast.

For more information about Walmart's new door policy, click here.


  • Lynn P

    I have been shopping at Walmart in East Stroudsburg since it opened. Danny was the first representative of Walmart and always cheerfully greeted you as you came in. I am so disappointed in Walmart for letting him go and will stop supporting them which I have done faithfully over the years. Hire Danny back and you will gain a customer back. Let us see if Walmart REALLY cares !

  • rcarson79

    I hope Wal-mart sees this… I have always liked it when I walk in or leave and there is a friendly person greeting me. You should consider Danny an exception since 1 he has been there for 21 years and 2 he has a disability.I know there is more than one person to help customers with the groceries. I am sure no one would think it is favoritism. Hire him back! It is always great when a disable person is able to work. I am disabled and Wal-mart offends me.

  • contact info for Wal Mart

    Everyone who is upset by this, let Wal Mart hear it by calling the cell number of their person in charge of staffing and let him know how bad local management is all throughout this area. His name is Cody Katzer, he’s an attorney, and let Cody know that all of us will fund Danny to sue the pants off of Wal Mart until this is made right. The number to call is 479-283-3209

  • marbs

    What a great gesture (not to mention the goodwill) to employ this man as a greeter. Now not so much….Walmart will reverse course on this right away and blame the local manager.


    I knew it had to be walmart before ever reading the story! As a former cashier the limit was 40 lbs. But that didn’t matter. When calling for help with big items no one would ever come to help so you were left to do it yourself. And I’m talking big tv’s, pc’s, etc. And now I’m paying the price!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    More bad publicity for Wal#$%^….Lowest of the low of all corporations…I’m returning all of my stuff and banning them.

  • Mike

    There were somethings I liked to get from WalMart. I’ll get my things else were if this is how they treat people.

  • Melissa

    Danny should definitely speak to a lawyer about this! There are people always standing outside of this specific Walmart begging for money for drugs & this man just wants to be treated like an equal American & work for a living!! SHAME ON YOU WALMART! Give Danny his job back

      • J570

        He can do the job he was originally hired to do but because walmart changed there policy he can’t so there is no agree he has a right to keep doing what he was hired for

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