Couple Arrested For Separate Incidents: Woman Doused Another With Gas, Man Abused Dog

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MEHOOPANY - One woman is locked up in Wyoming County, another injured after a fight at a gas pump!

Police say one driver sprayed gas on the other after an argument and that's not all.

Turns out the woman accused lives with a man who was charged himself for attacking a dog in a separate incident!

It was quiet day here at the Mehoopany Dandy Mart Wednesday afternoon but Meshoppen police say it was anything but that last Thursday.

Officers were called to the gas station in Mehoopany after a fight between two women escalated and ended up with one woman dousing the other with gasoline.

“She could have set the place on fire, could have hurt people. I don`t know what they got her for but she`s nuts,” said Dave Middaurgh from Rome.

Police got 51-year-old Kimberly Brinton on assault charges following that fight with Tami Donovan.

Investigators say both women were both here pumping gas around 5:30 the evening of June 30th.

Brinton was smoking a cigarette; Donovan told her to put it out and an argument broke out.

When Donovan threw water from the windshield cleaner bucket on the cigarette, police say Brinton began screaming at Donovan, saying she would “cover her in gas and light her [expletive] on fire”.

Then she sprayed Donovan twice with the gas hose.

Police say Donovan slipped on the gas, fell and broke her arm.

One woman knows both the women and didn`t want to give out her name.

“I actually was here the day it happened and I heard bits and pieces of it. I think it just got out of hand, I think it just was a matter of, what I heard there was a cigarette involved and somebody asked somebody to put it out and it probably just got heated.”

Brinton`s address is listed at a home on Rattlesnake Hill Road in Meshoppen.

Chris Faux was there at the time says this home is his uncle`s, who is dating Brinton..

When asked if he was surprised about why she was arrested, he said he didn’t know her all that well.

And Meshoppen police say Faux`s uncle happens to be 51-year-old Harry Faux, who was arrested for a separate incident on the Fourth of July.

Police say faux was caught driving a motorbike, dragging a dog behind him.

Faux is charged with animal cruelty and driving under the influence.

Both Faux and Brinton are in jail.

Brinton is being held on $250,000 bail.





  • Truthseeker

    In May this woman was charged with possession of meth in her car in the Wal-Mart parking lot

  • sunkat56

    From the picture she thinks this is funny, lets see if she still has that smile on her face when she spends lots of time in Jail.

  • CeeMe

    These two slime buckets make a good couple! That dog was so beautiful and I’m sure didn’t understand a “lesson” such as being dragged behind a bike. That isn’t how you train animals not to do something. I hope the jerk stays in jail and is never allowed to own animals again. The same goes for her. Dousing someone with gasoline and smoking near a gasoline pump.. God! People this stupid, should have limited contact with the rest of humanity.

    • Drustino

      Both him & her think they’re pretty tough, ship them over to Iraq or Syria & see how they make out !

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Yeah, I kind of though that too. Strange.

      Almost like WNEP is talking to its viewing audience like theyre a bunch of 13 year old girls spreading locker room gossip.

    • judge this

      Your right, they werent on drugs. Mr Faux was under the influence of alcohol. Report doesnt say anything about Ms. Brinton being under the influence of anything. If they were doing drugs they probably would have been at home on their couch behaving themselves.

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