Williamsport Celebrates 150 Years

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The City of Williamsport is taking full advantage of the Fourth of July weekend. Billtown is celebrating its 150th anniversary so there will be plenty to do before the fireworks on the fourth.

The city's 150th anniversary was actually in January, but what better time to really celebrate than on a weekend like the Fourth Of July.

Orange barriers are in place and the bleachers are out along Via Bella but there's still a lot that's left to set up here in Williamsport.

The city expects nearly 30,000 people will show up to see the fireworks on the fourth.

The festivities start on West Fourth Street but there will be events all weekend celebrating not only the Fourth of July but also the 150th anniversary of the city.

"So we sort of wanted to tie everything in and make this a destination weekend,” explained Justin Simpson, the recreation director.

"We are having all kinds of events downtown and around the city just to remember that we are a city and we should be happy about it,” added Bruce Huffman the historical investigator.

The celebration includes entertainment at the ballpark, artists in Ways Garden, bands in Brandon Park, and of course, the fireworks downtown. The city hopes there will be enough to keep just about everyone busy and safe this holiday.

"I think it's really cool. I think it's wonderful to celebrate the city and hi pal and he's really keen on it too," said Aaron White of Williamsport.

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