Lackawanna Lightning Look to Electrify at Softball World Series

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It's as easy as...

"One! Two two two! Three RB!"
Or at least the girls of the Lackawanna Lightning make it look like it is!
The team is made up of girls ages 16 and under from Lackawanna and Luzerne counties.  The girls spent many months practicing and playing, while other sports' seasons have come and gone.
Head Coach Wally Peck said, "They've been working year round trying to get good at their sport that they love to play and it really shows in their play.  They put a lot of time in and it really paid off for them. I'm really proud of them."
"Playing with these girls for so long you make great friendships and I think that carries over onto the field to make us a great team," said Denise Evans of Old Forge.
After qualifying in a tournament way back in October, the Lightning hopes to strike twice in the Fast Pitch Softball World Series.  Eight months of participation in anticipation of playing in the biggest tournament of their careers.
"We made an effort this year that the tournaments we play in up to the world series to play the best competition possible to prepare us for what we're going to see out there so we can make a good showing and represent our area very well."
These girls swing the bats more than just a few months out of the year and their hard work gave them the opportunity to showcase their talent at the next level.
Samantha Peck of Scranton said, "It will definitely be a big connection especially because we're from Scranton and there's all different teams around that we're not going to know.  We'll make a lot of new friends and meet new people."

But in the mean time, there's still work to be done before they shuffle off to Buffalo.

"We're just trying to get better every practice, work on something and just make progress every practice we have," said Carissa Giordano of Mount Cobb.

"We've worked really hard for this.  I've been on the team for the past 4 seasons and to see where we we've come from the first season to now? I think that would be an amazing experience."

The girls look forward to put their competition in the dust when the World Series begins July 17th.