Jessup Business in More Trouble with DEP

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Smoke from the fire in Jessup in June, 2014 could be seen all over the Lackawanna Valley.

JESSUP — More problems for a Lackawanna County company after a fire two years ago destroyed much of the business.

The Jessup business, formerly known as Scranton Cooperage, is now known as American Container Processor.

The DEP ordered the owner to clean-up the chemicals on the property. The DEP says the chemicals have been stored at the site for more than a year.

A company official says the waste is debris from the June 2014 fire.

The company now has just seven days to identify the chemicals in the waste and safely remove them from the property.

The DEP says its action is not connected to the arrest of former Cooperage owner Eric Spatt who has been charged with environmental crimes stemming from the 2014 fire.


  • Actual Employee

    Yeah I’m gonna call bullshit because there are 11 people that work there total and I highly doubt any of them are going anywhere

  • J570

    How about how he screws with payroll hours and pays under the table for ot hours he’s a corrupt as they come

    • Sam

      Like he’s the only one that pays under the table,
      If you didn’t like it, then why did you work there.
      BTW you didn’t have to claim that $ as an income did you.

  • Concerned Employee

    Get it out of there or I’m gonna quit working there and 7 others plan on it as well.

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