Illegal Fireworks and Explosive Devices Seized in Sugar Notch

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- In one part of Luzerne County, State Police investigated the illegal sale of fireworks.

During the search on Main Street in Sugar Notch at a pizza business, police discovered a large amount of illegal fireworks and explosive devices.

The seized explosives amounted to a $75,000. Also seized during the investigation was $8,000 cash.

Neighbors say they have seen some pretty big fireworks being set off nearby and complained to officials.

"I mean loud, very loud. There is stuff landing on your roof. He has big stuff that he sets off there,” said Kendal Hancock, Sugar Notch.

No word of any arrests following the fireworks seizure in Luzerne County.


  • Ryan

    Feel much safer not having the risk of my family and cars not getting blown to bits from this guy. People need to have some respect take that to the country where your putting yourself at risk!!

  • alex

    glad luzerne county is at least attempting to step up and uphold THE LAW. there are too many people who think they’re above the law – i don’t know where that “better than” attidude comes from, but it stinks. there are fireworks shows for a reason – especially during times like this summer when it is so dry. other cities in this country provide sites where you can report illegal firework activity so resources are properly utilised. i think those who fought for our independence (or died fighting for it) would be ashamed of the way we “celebrate;” parties for days and illegal activity do not exactly cry out respect for the country in which we are blessed to live.

  • Allen

    Ridiculous how the State Police contact local news outlets to brag about their big bad illegal fireworks bust… Couldn’t catch the murderer Eric Frein for two months but don’t worry folks, you can be assured they’ll protect you from that evil guy selling bottle rockets out of his garage… Change the law to allow PA residents to buy fireworks already so we can stop hearing about this annual waste of resources!

  • Bigbrother

    Eight grand taken by police, we used to call people that took your money, thieves, now we just call them officer.

  • Jam

    Ya guys only fireworks under a pizza place if that place lit up there would be a much different view on this. That much equipment would have knocked out the hole block.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Let the boys play!!

    Fireworks. Seriously?

    With all the BS that they are legalizing and making normal in the country and state and we’re worried about some stupid fireworks?

    • True Americans know what 4th of July is about...

      Fireworks for what reason, for those that have no clue what the 4th of July is about? We are celebrating our Independance day , but Independance from which country and which year? If you know the answer , then yes, you probably deserve fireworks. If not , then don’t whine and go back to the 3rd grade and learn history again.

      • Christopher Columbus

        you have no clue, our independence is an illusion stolen by the very people we gained our independence from. keep flying your ignorance flag, it makes it easier to a oid morons like you.

      • Crap

        True hard working Americans should be able to celebrate however they wish.. beer and hot dogs on the grill, fireworks or a trip to DC and visit some educational museums. If I blow my hand off that’s my own damn fault. Who is the government of one state to tell me I cannot have fireworks while the residents of another state can. Hell if I had an out of state drivers license I could buy anything I want in a PA store.

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