Free Treats for Tired Travelers

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP -- In Pennsylvania, if you are driving along the interstate, there's some incentive for all tired travelers to pull over and take a break.

"We have coffee, snacks, hots dogs, cold drinks, and even dog treats for the family pet,” said Lorna Veglia from the Faith United Church of Christ.

Non-profits like Faith United Church of Christ in Hazleton have teamed up with PennDOT to man rest stops armed with treats for travelers.

Just a few hours into the start of this 'Take a Break for Safety Sake' initiative for this Fourth of July weekend. It's clear the coffee and treats are much needed.

“It's been non-stop since we got here. Most people are traveling at least another 5 hours on the road,” explained Jennifier Nelson from the Apostolic Faith Church.

Drivers from Vermont, Washington D.C., and all over the country have already come through this rest stop near Dorrance. Many were surprised by the safety break here saying they wish more were along their route.

Bill Cunningham from Maine said, “I came through here two years ago, and I can remember the same free coffee place. It was very nice!

“Please stop take the time. It’s worth ten minutes stopping and taking the break than risking your life,” added Sidney Frazier from DuBois.

These non-profits and their coffee/treats stands will be at rest areas all along the interstate all weekend.

While everything is free, donations are welcome. In fact, this is a well-supported fundraiser for many of the non-profits. It allows them to help their organization while helping those on the road.