Flamingo Flocking Takes Over Mountain Top Neighborhoods

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FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP --  A teenage girl is calling the start to summer 'flocking season.'  She's asking neighbors to pay her to plant plastic flamingos all over other neighbors' lawns.

Part of participating in the Miss America Teen Pageant means Madison Dompkosky has to raise money for charity. So, the 14-year-old has started flamingo flocking.

"Every night, I went to people's yards and dropped off up to 100 plastic flamingos in people's yards," she said.

She got into the flocking after seeing the idea online. Here's how it works. Madison picks the first house to flock and planted dozens of plastic flamingos on the lawn. Then, whoever lives there is supposed to pay Madison to take away the flamingos and put them on someone else's lawn. Madison says she's gone as far as Dallas.

"I honestly didn't expect when we started this fundraiser to have such a great response from the community," she said.

Madison raised more than $7,500 for a children's charity, more than anyone in the competition. But she couldn't have done it without her parents who have driven her across the Wyoming Valley and helped her flock the homes overnight.

"A lot of people just thought it was funny and that's the main reason why they were giving is because they thought this was such a humorous project and a giving one," she said.

Over the course of two months, Madison and her parents flocked more than 160 houses.


  • harriet

    Its called “defiant trespass” and its a crime. Call the police if this idiot comes by your house.

  • fair warning

    This girl is going to end up getting shot and killed screwing around in peoples yards at night time. If i find these flamingos in my yard, im going to put them in a big pile, soak them with gas, then torch ’em. Im known to shoot in the direction of trespassers. Please stay off my land so i can avoid a horrific accident. I dont need that on my conscience. Thankyou.

  • Milk Monster

    this is absolutely disgraceful. who wants these eyesores in their yards?? I dont know if this girl thinks this is funny or what but if i ever saw anyone doing this on MY property well i hope they can outrun my shotgun!!

    • Go eff yourself

      WOWWW!!! Idiot she is a child trying to raise funds for other children!!! You should be arrested for threats! Stop being a bully behind your computer screen. I hope her post goes viral.

      • nameless coward

        Why do you want her post to go viral? So other kids can put themselves at risk while trespassing on peoples land while its dark? This is a foolish idea. In this day and age people are triggerhappy to protect their homes. Go ahead and applaud her fundraising techniques but dont come back on this sight asking for a “go fund me” account when something bad happens. Fools!

    • Brenda Kalson Gist

      We live in a sad world when somebody responds like that unfortunately its kinda trespassing and I guess the police could arrest her but if somebody threatens to shoot her shame on them. I guess because its for charity she hasn’t been arrested.

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