Emergency Bail Hearing for Carbondale Cop

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CARBONDALE -- Months before an official trial starts in the case against off-duty Carbondale Officer Frank Schulze, both sides met to determine whether or not Schulze should be eligible for bail.

Frank Schulze is charged with killing Joseph Molinaro in Carbondale in February while he was off-duty.

Schulze faces an open count of homicide in the death of Molinaro.

Investigators say he and Molinaro got into a confrontation which led to a foot chase across several hundred yards.

Surveillance video caught part of it. Officer Schulze following Molinaro with his gun pointed at him. Schulze shoots and kills Molinaro on the next city block over. Schulze shot and killed Molinaro on the next city block over.

The district attorney argued that warrants first-degree murder. In Pennsylvania, you cannot face that charge and be eligible for bail.

"The elements of first-degree murder fit with the facts as we see them. Based upon the law of this commonwealth, when you're charged with first-degree murder and we can establish our case, you're not entitled to bail,” explained Lackawanna County District Attorney Shane Scanlon.

The defense argued that Molinaro was known as a trouble-maker and confronted Schulze on Schulze's property. As a result, Schulze's defense team is looking for the first-degree murder charge to be dropped making Schulze eligible for bail.

"Our defense team will not stop until Officer Schulze is exonerated. That's what this case warrants. That's what he deserves. He committed no crime himself,” said Corey Kolcharno, Schulze’s defense attorney.

Schulze is currently awaiting a trial scheduled for early next year and is locked up in the meantime.

There is no word yet on when the judge's ruling on this emergency bail hearing will come down.



  • Bree

    How do you exonerate a murderer who shot the victim point blank, seriously??? Schulze shot the guy outright. Irrelevant to the fact that we don’t know every piece to the puzzle, but we at least know it wasn’t self-defense. When you’re a cop, a civilian, senator or homeless….you kill someone, that makes you a murderer, period. Don’t do this exoneration crap for the government hoopla and those who buy their way thru everything, it’s not fair to American Citizens. Innocent till proven guilty,for sure, but the cop is just a man, nothing more. I say no bail…

  • Jeff

    What happened to innocent till proven guilty? Hopefully he’s found not guilty and sues County for being locked up. I’m not a police are always innocent person either, just told Trooper off last night for pulling me over. But sounds like the guy who got shot is where a career criminal belongs.

      • the duke of all shiny metal objects

        Norman there is a lot to consider here he may have threatened to kill
        someone and the cop felt he had no choice. Other than that we just don’t know.
        Speculation today seems to be the norm…no pun intent.

      • Norman Vincent

        Yeah or the cop wanted the guys girlfriend. We can play the guessing game all day long. The cop shot and killed an unarmed man. Is that not the same story we are talking about?

    • Ralph

      What happened to innocent till proven guilty? I would think that’s what the dead person’s family would like to know!

    • BZ22

      YOU decided who’s innocent until proven guilty and who wasn’t but no one else should be able to? Bit of hypocrisy in your post?

  • corruptcops.com

    Big brother you are so right. Nobody could word it any better than what you just did. Our Pa. cops, state and local are a bunch of military brainwashed thugs. Theyll handcuff you and beat you to inches of your last breath. Or maybe more humanely, theyll just simply execute you. Thank god for video on this murder. But then again, probably wont matter, never does.

  • Bigbrother

    Come on folks, this is PA, a cop could walk up behind the Pope, shoot him in the head and would be found innocent because his lawyer would say the Pope reached for a bible. There is no justice in PA anymore, just government thuggery that views it’s citizens as the enemy.

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