Man Charged with Murdering, Sexually Assaulting Toddler

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NEW ALBANY -- State police have charged a man from Sullivan County with sexually assaulting and murdering an 18-month-old girl in Bradford County.

Jeremiah Cordell, 27, from Forksville, is locked up without bail. State police say he is responsible for sexually assaulting and then murdering the 18-month-old girl.

“It was pretty disgusting when we found out what happened recently to that baby. I don't think any baby deserves that at all,” said Natasha Burns of New Albany. "He should stay where he's at is what should happen. He shouldn't be allowed out at all, especially for doing that to a little baby."

State police say Cordell assaulted and killed the toddler in the borough of New Albany in Bradford County in September of 2015.

We are not revealing the child's identity because Newswatch 16 does not identify victims of sexual assault.

The little girl was found dead in her bed.

One woman did not want to appear on camera but was sickened to hear the news. She said, "I have a granddaughter and a grandson, so if anything like that should happen to them, I 'd probably kill the person who did it."

Troopers say tests revealed the little girl suffered "traumatic head injuries consistent with both impact and shaking."

Many living in the small community of New Albany, who are parents themselves, are in shock at the charges Cordell faces.

"I was shocked, so was my mom and then guys and my dad was, like, whoever did that should be murdered themselves because that's sad that someone would do that to a baby,” said Jasmine Burns of New Albany.

"I feel like what he did was wrong and something should be done, severe punishment for what he did. He was wrong,” said Lacey Johnson of New Albany. "He should get what he did to that little girl, that's my opinion."

Cordell is due back in court on July 3 in Bradford County.

“I know the grandmother of the baby who was killed and hopefully he does get put to jail for life,” said Cody Hall of New Albany.

Cordell faces a slew of charges including second-degree murder and deviate sexual intercourse.

He is locked up without bail in Bradford County.


  • nameless coward

    Calm down people. As of right now this gentleman is innocent. He has not had his day in court. Please, lets suppress the negative, rather frightening comments. People can be so mean on social media sometimes. I just dont understand.

  • malice

    I’ve read all of these comments hoping that there would be a phrase suggesting that there was no way this could ever happen. With that being said- If there is substantial evidence or an admission of guilt? Draw and quarter him. I’d also have no problem paying the taxes on whatever horrible actions that will find him in prison as long as their is a promise that he will never be found in protective custody or solitary confinement. This debt should not go unanswered. Ever

  • Denise

    I could kill this monster with my bare hands, no problem. Our laws are too lax in this country when it comes to child abuse and animal abuse..I won’t be near him, so please I beg he gets beaten to death in jail. Show him we aren’t going to allow this in our country.

  • Maria

    Horrifying. . . but very few would have complained if her mother or father had traumatically assaulted her via an abortionist’s instruments 18 months earlier

    • Darien Bettinger

      That is not the same by any means. How dare you compare abortion to the brutal sexual assault and murder of a child. The two are not the same nor will they ever be. Please educate yourself before you comment on topics you know nothing about. Also the child would have had to be aborted in the first 24 weeks, not 18 months ago right before she was born. This has nothing to do with your political views, this about the loss of a child, position on abortion has no place here.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Rome fell when it debased its currency and the people started killing children.

    It’s happening more and more in the US everyday.

  • Jen

    Our society needs to be more proactive. I don t know the details of this heartbreaking incident,but I have experienced a lack of action when it comes to the protection of our children. I am willing to bet that red flags were not taken seriously and acted upon. My condolences to the family

  • hauntedambdriver

    I hope they go for the death penalty. This idiot deserves to rot in the fires of hell.

      • Poonus

        He can make general population fun again… yep. hopefully they will take care of what the state won’t do.

  • burtfan16

    I’m a buddhist and I’ve been taught to practice compassion, understanding and forgiveness towards a person like this. Under these circumstances I just can’t. Death for this man.


    Like I keep saying its those POTHEAD HIPSTER DOOFUS TYPES, we are having a Doofus uprising! CHEAP BLACK PLASTIC EYEWEAR?

  • Grumpy


    • Marie

      A shot is too good for the likes of him. Castrate with zero painkillers. Then draw and quarter him. Slowly. Very slowly.

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