Rejoicing Over Road Reopening near Lehighton

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- After being closed for more than two years, the road leading up to the Beltzville State Park in Carbon County finally opened earlier this week, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Businesses that were hurt by the road closure are now ready for a boom.

It may not look like much, but traffic traveling down Pohopoco Drive in Franklin Township is a big deal for some in the Lehighton area.

Businesses like Craig Haupt's M & H Marine suffered while this road was closed for more than two years. Crews were replacing a turnpike bridge.

"Patience is a virtue," said Haupt. "It's all worked out to be good now driving on the highways and the roads. And we will have our business back."

And just in time for a busy holiday weekend.

Businesses like Marzen's Feed are looking forward to the long-awaited boom in business.

The road leads to Beltzville State Park, and will be packed with travelers for the Fourth of July.

"Now hopefully, when they turn here, they will see the ice machine, the charcoal whatever their needs are, and business will pick back up!" said Phillip Nuccio at Marzen's Feed.

The sound of cars coming down Pohopoco Drive is music to the ears of business owners but not so much for some residents who say they're going to miss the peace and quiet.

"The first day it opened, two cars were slamming on their brakes out here, because the animals, the wild animals, they are not used to the traffic," said Karen Tracy.

Tracy knew Pohopoco Drive would reopen after the bridge project was complete but enjoyed the closure. Free from tourist travel, it was quieter and free from litter.

"I would be thrilled if they would just keep their garbage in their cars," he said.

Travelers no longer have to take a two-mile detour. Now anyone going to the Beltzville State Park this weekend has direct access.