Couple Sentenced for Child’s Death

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TOWANDA -- A couple accused in the death of their child were sentenced Monday in Bradford County.

Ebed Delozier was sentenced to 4 to 23 months in prison. His wife Christine Delozier received 16 months on probation.  Both pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter back in April.

The couple's sentencing was painful for family and friends who watched as a grieving mother pleaded for forgiveness.

Christine Delozier walked into her sentencing in Towanda alone. Back in April, she and her husband Ebed Delozier, both from Wyalusing, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter after their 18-month-old daughter Hope died last year from meningitis.

According to police, the couple noticed their daughter was sick about three weeks before taking her to the doctor.

The autopsy report shows the meningitis started with an ear infection and had it been treated with a simple antibiotic, Hope would have lived.

The couple says they did not bring Hope to the doctor because they couldn't pay for it, but also because of their personal beliefs.

"They gave their child all kinds of natural means to cure what they believed was an earache," said their attorney Christina Fleury.

Fleury spoke at length about how Ebed's upbringing in a church called the 12 Tribes of Israel led him to think modern medicine wasn't necessary and at times untrustworthy.

"Ebed had been raised without any medical intervention through the cult community, so that's what he knew. They thought they were doing everything they could. They thought it was working,"

At the sentencing, testimony was positive, calling the couple tentative and their three children at home well taken care of.

"The take away for them has been in this last year, that they learned that really, they have to be taking their kids to the doctors even for the smallest sniffle at this point because they don't want to take those risks," said Fleury.

The couple has three other children, including one that was born after baby Hope died.


  • Be healthy!

    I feel so sad for the family. I don’t take my kids to the dr with every little sniffle or ear ache and prefer to use natural medicine what support body and not treat symptoms, or over use antibiotics. I don’t think its faire! Its horrible accident what could happened to anyone who have kids! One thing I don’t understand, if parents feed there kids toxic junk food what made kids to be overweight and have related to that health problems like diabetes or even cancer from using toxic chemical in the house, or expose kids to nicotine smoke- what can cause cancer also as junk food, and if that kids die from cancer that is ok? parents have nothing to do with it? they not responsible for what they put in to kids body??? or toxic vaccines? so if kid die from vaccine parents can not be blamed? one who let dr do that to there child? you can not hold dr or vaccine manufacture company responsible for that, they have there asses covered and making money on you.

  • bleh

    Why did the woman receive such a light sentence and the male such a harsh sentence when they committed the same crime with the same victim?

    • Guest

      My guess would be that it was part of the plea bargain – a guarantee that one parent would be left with the remaining children in exchange for a guilty plea.

  • Stacey Hall (@sassymom08)

    Faking ignorance is no excuse.
    This sentence is disgustingly light and I’m sure they will end up having their other children back when they get out – willfully placing them in harms way in fear of science.
    Too bad vaccination isn’t the law and health care is still unavailable for many.

    • Anne de Winnaar

      If a child has earache with no other symptoms, how on earth can anyone expect the parents to think it is something as terrible as meningitis? Meningitis has numerous causes (viral, bacterial, injury etc) and there are only vaccines for a minute proportion of those causes. The vaccines are not 100% anyway and yes, they can cause serious adverse effects.

      What this judgement tells us is that YOU don’t own your children, the state does. This is sending a message to parents that they have to take their children to a doctor for every cut (oh dear, time for a DTaP shot!), bruise (shame on you, your child is being abused) and sniffle (oh dear, time for a ‘flu shot!).

      When judgements like this are made, it is now confirmed that America is lost. Land of the Free?! Don’t think so!!

  • Butch

    They don’t believe in modern medicine…the guy is wearing glasses, so he’s fine with modern medicine benefiting him – he just let’s his little girl suffer a horrific death.

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