Couple Offers Reward to Catch Vandals who Destroyed Pool

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- A couple from Luzerne County is offering a reward hoping to catch whoever did more than ten-thousand dollars of damage to their pool.

Joe and Elaine Lipinski are offering a 500 dollar reward.

They want to find out who destroyed their swimming pool and wreaked havoc in their neighborhood.

It was smooth sailing in the Caribbean as Joe and Elaine Lipinski took a cruise to mark their 48th anniversary.

But in their backyard in Swoyersville, there wasn’t much to celebrate.

“I went, ‘Oh my God. This is more than slashed. This is devastation. I can’t believe it,’” stated Elaine Lipinski.

While the Lipinskis were out of town, somebody slashed the pool liner so extensively, 20 thousand gallons of water washed away.

The Lipinskis are going to have to do more than buy a new liner as all the water rushing out damaged the foundation of the pool.

“They can’t just cover with the concrete again because there was like 20 thousand gallons of water that went out, so it eroded the ground underneath,” added Elaine.

The Lipinskis expect the repairs will cost more than 10 thousand dollars

Not to mention, the priceless moments they are missing watching their grandkids swim.

“We can’t go swimming. We have to stay in the house,” Jillian Delvaso, the Lipinski's grandaughter, said.

The Lipinski pool was not the only place vandals struck in Swoyersville.

The couple says that a neighbor’s pool and a number of vehicles in the neighborhood were damaged around the same time.

Police in Luzerne County continue to investigate while the Lipinskis struggle to make sense of what happened.

“I have no idea why. It doesn't make any sense,” said Joe. “It doesn't support a drug habit. It doesn't support anything. It's just vandalism.”

The Lipinskis say they have lived in their neighborhood for decades, and they have never had any trouble before.

Again, they are offering a 500 dollar reward to help crack the case.

If you have any information, Swoyersville Police would like to hear from you.


  • GBS

    Totally stinks this happened however you don’t have to just sit in the house! Start by getting a group together and start cleaning up the town and soon these jungle bunnies will see it’s not a crap hole and be threatened! When we were kids we had no pool and we didn’t have to just sit in the house

  • Mama K

    So sorry this happened to you. When I was a child , someone slashed our pool liner in Miners Mills. We could only say “WHY?” My heart is breaking for you . Praying they are caught !

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