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Amateur Radio Club Holds Readiness Event in Wayne County

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Folks in Wayne County gathered for a readiness event to learn how to communicate during an emergency.

The Wayne County Amateur Radio Club held a field day Sunday at Valley View Campground near Waymart.

Club members showed local boy scouts what would happen if all means of communication went down during a disaster. The scouts also learned how to use amateur radio to send out safety and welfare messages.

“They [officials] know they can count on us when communication doesn’t work. If the phones are out, you can’t text, the internet is down, this is the kind of communication that will get through,” said Mark Wheeler, Vice President of the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club.

The boy scouts also held a bake sale and held a 50/50 drawing at the event.

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  • Joe Cieciorka

    Amateur Radio Club Holds Readiness Event in Wayne County,

    As President of the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club I must say I am very disappointed in the coverage that WNEP TV gave our club during our Field Day Event. For the amount of footage that was shot and the amount of time it took with the interviews and to see what was shown on the air you really need to hire better people who do the editing especially when you see the choas that is aired that Lecky does, most of it being non sense..

    I don’t know if you know fully what this event represents, it is a Field Operation that takes place once a year when 45,000 amateur radio operators go out into the field and set up emergency communications in the entire US and Canada and perform emergency contacts. The Governor on that day signs a proclamation and designates it to be Field Day in the entire Commonwealth.
    In times of disaster, Amateur Radio Operators are the first to be activated by the EOC and Emergency Management to establish emergency communcations and keep the general publlc informed as to what is taking place by means of Emergency Traffic.

    Please take some time in the future to read up on Amateur Radio and what we actually do, we are not CB’ers, we are licensed and governed by the Federal Communication Commission.

    Also, the bake sale and 50/50 was done by the Club, not the Boy Scouts.

    The coverage performed by Kyle at the ValleyView Campground was done very well, when it hit your editing department someone who doesn’t know much about this type of event really messed it up and everyone who viewed it was very disapponted and upset but other media that carried it did and excellent job such as newspapers, posting on facebook and radio coverage. I guess TV coverage is not the way to go, they give you the least.

    I had to express mself and the feelings of many others, hopefully you will improve your coverage on events and start looking at what is important and what is really of no interest to the general public. We had several hundred of the public in attendance for the 2 days we did our set-up, the general public knows how important amateur radio operators are to both health and welfare.

    Joe Cieciorka, President of the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club
    The Entire Field Day Committee

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