Traffic Stop Leads to Discovery of Explosives Inside Home in Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Police and the bomb squad were scrambling all day, concerned about what they call “weapons of mass destruction” being manufactured in a residential neighborhood. Now one man is facing serious charges.

It all started when police in Luzerne County were called to the intersection of Blackman Street and Company Row Saturday to check on the welfare of a toddler. The residents turned investigators away.

A short time later, a car was stopped on Interstate 81 near Ashley. Detectives said they found 30 pounds of powerful explosives inside belonging to Clayton Knorr.

Police then returned to the double block home on Blackman Street and the garage behind it. There they reported finding more explosives, materials that can be used to make pipe bombs and dynamite, as well as tools and chemicals that can be used to make meth.

The bomb squad detonated the explosives in a safe area near Wilkes-Barre.


One neighbor says she heard the occasional bang and pop coming from the house on Blackman Street, but was shocked by the criminal investigation.

“I came home to walk my dog and when I saw that I said, ‘What is going on?’” said Jean Hudack.

Meanwhile police were on the lookout for Knorr who lives next door to the crime scene.

Police say he was found along with a silver SUV on Oliver Street in Swoyersville and was arrested after a foot chase.

Authorities later evacuated the area as the bomb squad was called in to check for explosives.

“Police knocked on the door. They said this is a voluntary evacuation. There were amounts of dynamite, possibly in the car,” said Barbara James of Swoyersville.

No explosives were found in the SUV in Swoyersville.

Police say Knorr was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but they expect he will be arraigned Sunday on charges that could include possessing or making weapons of mass destruction.



  • cheeseburger_walrus

    No Weapons of Mass Destruction were initially found in Iraq, so we just changed the definition to include low-grade, homemade explosives.

  • Us Veteran

    Real terrorist get away with nonsense but make your own fireworks and you’re making weapons of mass destruction and 90% of people have things in their home that can make Meth that’s why junkies make Meth so easily it’s almost 4th of July I guess half of America has weapons of mass destruction

    • Pooyan

      I’m going to go ahead an say that making fireworks in your home is illegal. You know, because explosions. But I am sure their setup was tip top, so much so they labeled the premise uninhabitable.

      • Us Veteran

        I agree with you on that one but let’s be honest most these homes in Wilkes Barre are uninhabitable due to slum lords not keeping their rentals up-to code

    • Whammm

      “…they reported finding more explosives, materials that can be used to make pipe bombs and dynamite, as well as tools and chemicals that can be used to make meth.”

      Yup, just what we all have on our holiday shopping list.

      • Big Got

        Allah is a terrorist & a diddler. you can read all about the child molester in the choran . Thats what muslims are all about.

      • Pooyan

        ^^^ See, this is an ignorant, hypocritical bigot. As if your children would be safer with a Catholic priest, the ones who actually covered-up and shuffled around known child predators.

      • Big Got

        Being Ignorant? I’m just calling it like i see it.
        I forgot to mention, women beaters/killers, soul haters,youth suicide bombers

        as for being a hypocrite, Never mentioned a catholic priest

        how can you stand up for a religion/society that treats women that way, or straps bombs to kids, and makes you believe that if you die killing your enemy your are granted an open door to heaven with lotsa virgins.

        Promise your 9 year old daughter to a 43 year old man, thats just sick and wrong and just as bad as a catholic priest and I don’t like it, so i’m a bigot? No muslims are a wacked out breed, and are a danger to our society, have you read the news? but don’t call em terrorists LOL

      • Pooyan

        You are ignorant because you are talking in absolutes (and you can’t spell Quran, and you are confusing Allah for Muhammad). Do you know any Muslims? I said if you say all Muslims are terrorists you are a bigot. That’s pretty much the definition. And please tell me which religion doesn’t treat women like shit. Also, what is a soul hater?

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