Crash on Interstate 81 After Reports of Wrong-Way Driver

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DUNMORE — State Police in Lackawanna County are still searching for the driver who caused a wrong-way crash on Interstate 81.

Troopers say a white Ryder box truck was seen going north in the southbound lanes near the Drinker Street exit in Dunmore around 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

The truck sideswiped this vehicle.

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The two people in the pick-up truck were not badly hurt.

Local police departments helped block ramps.

Troopers think the driver of the truck eventually turned around to head back in the right direction, but the truck has not been seen since the crash.

State police are still looking for that driver.



  • not a coal slave ancestor

    I don’t think scranton has a wrong way problem, I think scranton has a retard problem. I’m very unfamiliar with this craphole city but, I am forced to drive in this coal mining shantytown periodically and I have never gone the wrong way. Ever!

  • G

    The sad thing is this guy got away with this even though my wife phoned the police as we watched the truck crash into a pickup and then proceed to fly on past us like nothing was wrong. I find it hard to believe they couldn’t find this guy. Why weren’t they dispatched immediately. He got away with a hit and run and who knows what else could have followed.

    • Russ

      What are you blind, you couldn’t have read it’s license plate? Or have followed it while staying on the phone with police??? Thanks for nothing quick thinker.

  • Marvin

    We all know there are a lot of stupid people in the world, but when you have all these wrong way incidents in the same area in a short amount of time, obviously there is a problem with signage or something. Come on PennDot, have your engineers earn their money, and come up with something better for these on and off ramps.

    • Diane

      Why does Penndot get blamed for everything? There are signs. Let’s put the blame where it belongs…drugs, alcohol or just not paying attention. Come on people.

    • Poonus

      all they would need to do is install ONE WAY SPIKE STRIPS like the parking garages in NYC….it’s only gonna end bad for the wrong way driver. too bad! if they can’t get off their phone, and they can’t drive 70 in the wrong direction with four flat tires. the fine for dealing with that wrong way driver would cover the install/upkeep as the police will catch them every time after this is in place.

      instead PA will spend millions studying the problem, and figuring out how to put up lights and signs all high tech like…the things could even be shut off with an iron cover if for some reason the road was needed for an emergency. I can’t figure out why this solution is just so hard.

  • Ren

    What are those unidirectional spikes called they had in the parking lots of wilkes-barre when i was kid? Where if you went in the wrong direction they flattened your tires. If you went the right way they just got pushed down. We just need these on the on ramps.

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