Reports of Animal Abuse Lead to Drug Bust

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HAZLETON -- An animal cruelty complaint in Hazleton led to a drug bust and the rescue of two children and four dogs.

Now the adults living in the home face serious charges.

Police in Hazleton say this is the perfect example of how important it is for people who see something to say something.

Late Thursday night, police got a call that someone was beating their dog. They responded and discovered much more than that going on in the home.

It looks like your average home along Lincoln Street in Hazleton, and neighbors call this "one of the quieter communities."

"Nothing really happens over here, other than an accident here or there, a car accident," said neighbor Marisol Pagan.

But inside one home police found nearly three pounds of marijuana, shotguns, and thousands of dollars in cash.

Along with drugs and guns discovered in this home, police found large amounts of animal waste with two kids and four dogs living in those conditions.

"I never even seen the kids when they moved in. I never even seen the kids!" said neighbor Bob Condrick.

The couple living in the home were both arrested.

Eudomar Concepcion, 20, faces numerous drug and child endangerment charges.

Police also plan to charge the mother of the children -- Sonia Torres, 25 -- with child endangerment.

'It's horrible because as a father, as someone who has a dog, a pet owner, you know they are innocent," said Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale.

The chief says this case that started from a concerned citizen calling about potential animal abuse, turned into getting more drugs off the street and potentially helping innocent animals and children.

Police in Hazleton stress the national campaign, "see something, say something," and this case proves it works.

As for the children and animals, they have been removed from the custody of the two people living in that home, and police say they are all in better care now.


  • Steve Mosher (@sinsibility)

    OK everyone- Let’s calm down. Some marijuana was found at a house.
    Let me be perfectly clear here- NO BIG DEAL! It should not even be a crime, to possess
    or use marijuana for any reason someone may want to, whether it’s to help them sleep,
    to make Doctor prescribed opiate medications effective at much lower dosage,
    or just to unwind and relax after a days work, like anyone would with a beer or glass of wine.

    Stop with the deport ’em, throw ’em in jail, break up their families, bullshit.
    Did they ever discover animal abuse? Or did they get so excited after they found pot,
    that didn’t even matter anymore? And having lots of money is a crime?
    Except for alleged animal abuse, these people haven’t done anything to bother anyone.
    We need to quit bothering them too.

  • blaaaaah!

    I’ll be looking for this story on the Cops episodes. I can’t wait for Hazleton to be exposed to America for the craphole it is. P.S., keep your trash in Luzerne county. I live in a nice county and i want it to stay that way.

    • Stupid repubics

      Except they are American.. Too real for you?

      Pretend you’re only interested in the illegals with your buddy Trump.. Racist slob..0

      • Common Sense

        Racist slob……..Yes.
        Too real for you?……..You can leave, too.
        Why you sticking up for these drug-dealing, child neglecting, animal abusing choloe scum???
        What did the good people of Hazleton do to you???…….Bigot……
        See what I did there? Go back to your hole, libtard.

      • Stupid Repubics

        Hey I appreciate your honesty but if you get out a little you see that you and these people are the problem.. These people are disgusting for having that crap around kids and abusing animals but you’re no better. i call you “Walmart” people. The people of every race that are ignorant, arrogant, and want nothing more than to get rid of eachother while normal people just want to live their lives, die, and move on. You animals are making this world crap and blaming it on the opposite skin tone when really you’re no better than eachother..

        Btw it’s only pot.. Who gives a damn? You sound like you need a hit or two anyways..

        Libtard.. Out.

    • Stupid repubics

      But the meth dealers and rapists holding 12 children in their house for sex are fine.. Get off your high horse crime is everywhere not just in hazleton with the Hispanics.. Lousy political party..

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