New Rules for Commercial Use of Drones

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JESSUP -- Drones are nothing new but federal regulations for commercial drones are new after a long way for some owners.

The new rules for flying drones came out Tuesday and like the rules for airplanes, the regulations are meant to minimize risk for other aircraft as well as people and property on the ground.

Lee DeAngelis with Access Aerial will need to follow the new rules to stay in business.

"A lot of the regulations being applied to drones are stricter than gun control, you have to register it, you have to have a drivers license," he said.

DeAngelis showed us what his drone can do at a park in Jessup. His Phantom drone is only a few pounds while the new regulations allow for drones up to 55 pounds.

It's a sign that the industry is merely in the liftoff phase with tech giants like Amazon and Google planning to use drones commercially.

"In the future, you're going to see them like the Jetsons flying all over the place."

When Access Aerial lifted off the ground a few years ago, DeAngelis said it was like the Wild West in the sky; no rules.

Now, commercial drones must fly during the day, stay below 400 feet and require a pilot certification test all in the name of safety.

"Basically a ground school that will teach you the rules of the air, the different classifications of air space, and how to keep yourself out of trouble basically," he said.

The new regulations go into effect in a couple of months. Recreational drone flying is not regulated.

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  • Brian

    Hey, Lee DeAngelis,

    Let me help you with your ignorance. Every firearm I’ve ever purchased needed to be registered and my drivers license needed to be presented. At which time, a stringent background check was performed. You don’t give the impression of being a responsible gun owner. I’m not sure what qualifies you to make such an outrageous statement. To me, it sounds like “sour grapes” regarding the new drone regulations. I don’t recall any stories of an airliner colliding with a firearm, but there are several incidents of airliner/drone collisions and illegal activity near airports.

    Drones are nothing more than privacy invading toys for immature men who can’t find something more constructive to do with their time. My, and every other law abiding citizens rights to protect themselves are constantly under fire and ignorant statements like yours help promote fear. Think before you speak about subjects you obviously know nothing about!

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