Motion to Throw Out Death Penalty for Frein Denied

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MILFORD -- A judge in Pike County has denied a motion by Eric Frein's defense to throw out the death penalty.

Frein is accused of the deadly ambush at the Blooming Grove state police barracks in September 2014 that left one trooper dead and another badly hurt. He was captured after a 48-day manhunt throughout the Poconos.

Frein's attorneys argued the death penalty is unconstitutional and wanted it taken off the table.

Frein was in court earlier this month as his attorneys argued for a trial before a jury brought in from another county.


    • Anonymous

      We already know why he did it. He admitted it was because one of those officers was having an affair with someone he knew.

  • 4u

    The reason Frein is still alive, is the reason I’m not a police officer. I would have shot him on sight. We are well in support of our police. I remember well.

      • 4u

        The word “IF” never appeared in my comment. Get cognitive. Can you comprehend? Understand? Read written material? Or are you a Thump core supporter? Your rights and welfare check have been two different parties at the polls.

  • Pitifulvania

    Took the keystone cops 48 days to find him. And he was right in their backyard and in a place where they should of looked first

  • WAT????

    Eh, just send him to jail for life with no possibility of parole. It is going to cost more money to actually try to sentence him to death than it would to just lock him up. Either way, his future is not bright.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    The prosecutions evidence:

    Tuna cans. Dirty diapers. A gun randomly left against a tree and not buried under leaves or brush or a rock.
    Freshly spray paint fake pipe bombs with no dirt or rust on them supposedly out in the woods.


    Still not buying this story.

  • McCracken

    Even it captivity, he manages to burden society. There is a dump truck load of evidence against him, so I hope for a speedy trial. Everyone seems to be entitled to 400 appeals, so I don’t think there is much hope for that. I empathize with the victims families. The sooner this is over, the sooner that will have some small semblance of closure.

    • stay tuned

      A truckload of evidence is a great thing for the state police and district attorney, BUT not if this evidence has been tampered with, falsified and planted. I’m sure this Frein case will turn out to be ANOTHER state police scandal in the making.

      • Mike Wazowski

        The amount of money we spent to catch him (and don’t get me wrong, we needed to get him), the time, money and effort to convict him with the possibility of going away for life if they do throw out the death penalty (which is expensive as hell), this guy shouldn’t be babied through the court system any longer. The guy killed a cop with the intent to harm more than he did. Our justice system needs to grow a pair and not let these kinds of people suck tax dollars so his precious ‘constitutional rights’ are met. If you intentionally seek harm/death to someone (like a cop or ANY other member of the community) I don’t think you should be able to say that being put to death for your actions is going against your constitutional rights. Corporal Dickson’s life was taken and we’re going to let Frein’s ‘rights’ get in the way of proper justice? Give me a break.

      • Not Impressed

        To Mike: when you say he had intent to harm more, you sound so silly and uneducated about this entire situation. He had over 1 month to “harm more” if he wanted to and he surely would not have told the Marshalls that he had a gun hidden un the airport hangar, plus tell them where it was so no kids partying in there in the future would find it. He was in the woods for how many days with how many LE officers, Marshalls, FBI, and other major organizations searching for him day and night? If it was infact Frein out in those woods, breaking into cabins and homes, he would have taken families of occupied 4 season homes hostage and “harmed more”. Since you ae such a rocket scientist with your brainless words, take your rocketship back to the moon where you can observe and learn from a bigger perspective. I do not agree with what the shooter did by murdering someone however that does not change the fact that he is not a terrorist.

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