31st Sentimental Journey to Clinton County

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LOCK HAVEN -- Dozens of antique planes from all over the country are expected to fly in for the Annual Sentimental Journey in Clinton County this week.

This is the 31st year for the event.

If you ever find yourself at the Sentimental Journey to Cub Haven Fly in Lock haven and your plane breaks down, look for Robert Ravell of Canada.

He'll probably be sitting near the roaring engines and the sea of yellow Piper J-3 Cubs.

“We have parts and pieces hopefully somebody else can use," said Ravell.

This is the 23rd time Ravell has made the trip down from Canada with all of his gear, but the antique planes aren't the only thing he comes to see. He said, “It's the people. It's the people.”

People like Maureen Albright who has worked at the food trailer for the Lion's Club in Sugar Valley for years.

She said, "We serve people a lot of people I don't know their names necessarily but I recognize their faces and they are the same. It's like striking up an old friendship.”

Kyleen Clark of Lock Haven said, “Just sitting in the pavilion and talking to people that is so much fun.”

Sure there is plenty of fun to have here on the ground but if you ask any pilot most of their fun it's up in the sky.

Tim Farris said, “You're just free. It does it has all of your attention it demands that you are in the moment right there and now.”

Farris flew his plane from North Carolina to take in the views and catch up with old friends

He said, "People who you know if they are rebuilding their airplane or they don't fly anymore and still want to come to enjoy the event they will come from all over the world>’

Lucky for Tim, more planes and more people are expected to stop in as the weeklong event continues here in Lock Haven.