Bear Terrorizes Family, Kills Chickens

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SCRANTON -- The game commission was called to a Scranton neighborhood Monday to set a trap after a bear caused some damage to private property.

The neighborhood on the west side of Scranton doesn't look or feel like the city, especially when a bear came through. It terrorized one family and killed their chickens leading to action from the game commission.

At her home just off the Morgan Highway in Scranton, Elizabeth showed us where a bear tore through fencing around her chickens and ended up killing several of the birds.

“We didn’t really have too much of an issue, we’ve had a very persistent bear within the last 24 hours and it doesn’t care about humans, it doesn’t care about dogs,” explained Elizabeth, who would only give us her first name.

She has tried to fend off the bear using ammonia and other home-remedies, but she says the game commission told her if it comes to it, she can shoot the bear.

I literally cannot leave my house because I have to chase this bear away from my chicken coop so it’s not killing my animals,” Elizabeth added.

Her concerns were heard and the game commission sent a wildlife control officer with a trap to hopefully catch the bruin.

While the mother of three children understands she lives in a very wooded part of the city, she can't help but think the bear does not belong here.

“Animals are being killed. The bear doesn’t care. It sees us. It keeps going,” said Elizabeth. “Bears don’t know, understand, hey, this is human place. They are going to eat the trash, eat the food.”

If the bear is trapped, it will be taken away. For now, Elizabeth is not bringing her children outside until the bear problem is solved.


  • Mike

    Hmmm… And “humans” don’t understand that “hey, bears were here before we were!” A bear is also an animal and the process of animals killing other animals is as natural process. Get a livestock guardian dog and you will be fine. That, or fence off your yard with bear-proof fencing.

  • Charlie Brown

    And it doesn’t look or feel like the city with all those chickens running around either.

  • Elizabeth

    Tsk, Tsk Mr Hamil you forgot to mention that the only reason you were called is because game commission refused to respond to our situation and the only reason they did was because you were called. We don’t mind the bears and usually don’t even bother with them because they dig in our trash and move on. This one was actually trying to go after the neighbors dog and all.

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